Would You Apply Mascara With This Errr… Paintbrush?

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Above: Avon’s new Mega Effects Mascara.



Don’t get me wrong I love mascara. In fact, it’s the one beauty product I’ll never ever leave home without. But I’ve gotta say this new Avon mascara has really thrown me. I’ve seen plenty of “interesting” mascaras in my time from vibrating wands, motorised spinning wands, and wands of every size and shape imaginable. But I’ve never ever seen anything quite like Avon’s new Mega Effects Mascara which is due to be released next month.

It comes with a squat brush that looks like a cross between a paint brush and a . . . paint brush. According to Fashionista.com (who are not fans) you gently rock the brush back and forth to remove it from the tube, then bend it to make it the appropriate application angle for you.

After trialling the mascara they said: “The brush’s size and angle makes it difficult to control–the first coat goes on great and gives you impressive volume and coverage, but it’s hard to tweak. Putting a bit of mascara on the inside corners of my lashes was near impossible, and a lot of makeup wipes died unnecessarily in the process because mascara ended up on my nose and all over my lids. It’s also difficult to use on the bottom lashes, because the brush deposits way too much product there.”

Hmmm we see where Avon is coming from with this mascara but maybe this one works better on paper than in practice. Check out the Mega Effects Mascara in action in the video below and tell us what you think?

Would you be keen to give it a whirl?