Words of wisdom from Hamish Carter!

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Above: Hamish Carter and me.



This week I was thrilled to meet Olympic gold medalist Hamish Carter at the launch of Nike’s fab new running shoes – the Nike 5.0+. In fact, I think I was a tad starstruck meeting Hamish. What do you think? That’s me below listening to him speak!

nikefyrauckland_dws9037 (1)

Above: Leonie listening to Hamish Carter at the Nike 5.0+ launch in Auckland.


Anyway, not only did we all get kitted out with a fab new pair of shoes we all headed off after the media launch on a 7km fun run around Auckland city. If you think fun and 7km run don’t belong in the same sentence then think again.

The Nike team had a whole bunch of cool stuff for us to see and do en route.

14 nikefyrauckland_dav7425

Above: We set pretty lanterns off into the night sky.


12 nikefyrauckland_dws9338

Above: Some furry friends kept us company on a particularly dark part of the course.


11 nikefyrauckland_dws9272

Above: We even got to run with balloons and glow sticks.


9 nikefyrauckland_dws9225

Above: We were entertained by some cool street stylers.


6 nikefyrauckland_dav7205

Above: We stopped to shoot some hoops.


5 nikefyrauckland_dws9164

Above: And ran as a big group – that’s us coming at ya.


All in all it was a super fun night and my new shoes were awesome too.


Not only are they super sexy (that’s the proof above) but also super flexible and the next best thing to running in bare feet.

So I may have overstated it a little saying that Hamish was my new training buddy. But in a way he kind of is. You see he shared a few cool little bits of advice with us and I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind when I’m out pounding the pavements.

Three things I’ve learned from Hamish Carter this week:

1. He gets that little voice in his head too
That little voice in my head that I was telling you about recently – you know the one that butts into my runs and tells me to stop or slow down? Well it turns out Hamish has one of those little voices too. In fact, according to my new running BFF (Hamish) we all get that voice from time to time and he says when that little annoying voice in your head gets louder then it’s time to slow your pace down a little. Obviously you’re not going to do this if you’re in the middle of a race but if you’re just on a training run there’s no point in not enjoying your run because as Hamish says: “You won’t stick with it if you don’t enjoy it.”

2. Slow down
Yes this may seem counterintuitive coming from an elite athlete but I reckon it’s great advice. He says if you are running and you can’t talk to the person running beside you then you are running too fast. Yep. It’s that simple. He says being able to have a reasonable conversation (not just yes and no stuff) during a run is a good indication of a comfortable running pace for your fitness level. Given that there is no way I could hold a conversation while I’m running tells me I’m probably pushing it too hard. I’m not going to slow down now because the Nike She Runs the Night event is just around the corner. But when I resume a normal running regime for fitness and fun I’m definitely going to take this advice.

3. He was in pain during his gold medal olympic run
In fact, not only was Hamish in pain but he said that little voice in his head was nagging away at him telling him to “slow down and the pain will go away”. Can you imagine? Clearly he didn’t listen to that nagging little voice because he won.

The fourth thing I’ve learnt this week is that it’s a tonne of fun running in a big group.  If you’re in Auckland come down and join us all at Nike Britomart on a Monday night at 5.30pm. Just do it!