Witchery’s New White Shirt Campaign Has A Cool Kiwi Connection

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The famous Witchery White Shirt campaign is back again and this time with a cool Kiwi connection. Kiwis model, Emma Champtaloup and Kiwi blogger Jessie Bush from We the People are two of the faces of the cool campaign.

Now in its seventh year, the popular campaign donates gross profits from selected white shirts to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Witchery has supported the OCRF for an outstanding fifteen years as of this year. With celebrities, personalities and models endorsing this enduring and important campaign, the support continues to grow. Of course, the more people we can inform about the White Shirt Campaign and the OCRF, the greater chance we have of finding an early detection method for ovarian cancer.

The official White Shirt Day is on May 1st, and this is when Witchery is encouraging you to wear a white shirt and show your support by donating to this worthy cause.


Witchery white shirts are available to purchase now at all Witchery stores in Australia and New Zealand and at witchery.com.au.

Visit whiteshirtcampaign.com.au to donate directly to the OCRF, register your own event, and sign up to attend OCRF White Shirt Day on the Sydney Opera House steps.



Above: Emma Champtaloup for Witchery.


  • One Australian woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer, and 350 new cases are diagnosed in New Zealand each year
  • Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death of all gynaecological cancers
  • Unlike other cancers, there is no early detection test
  • Over 50 per cent of the community incorrectly believe a pap smear diagnoses ovarian cancer
  • Ovarian cancer has a lower survival rate than both breast and cervical cancer

The key to changing these statistics is early detection. When detected and treated early, 80-100 per cent of women will survive beyond five years compared with only 20-30 per cent when diagnosed at a late stage.

Encourage your friends and family to buy a Witchery white shirt and help save lives by sharing the message on social media with #WHITESHIRTCAMPAIGN.

When was the last time an item of clothing you purchased helped to save a life?


Above: A great white shirt is a wardrobe must-have.