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How long have you been doing nails?
Almost too long to want to mention for fear of showing my age . . .  ha ha.  If the truth be known I have actually been in the industry almost 18 years!


Which celebrities nails have you done?
As far as international celebrities go I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing people including Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rachel Hunter and recently I was requested to do Rihanna. I have also done nails on some of New Zealand’s own amazing celebs and musicians including Kimberly Crossman, Zowie, Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Kimbra to name just a few.


Katy Perry and Leah Light


Kimberly Crossman



Taylor Swift and Leah Light


How did you get to become a regular on Perez Hilton’s website?
That’s a funny story actually. After doing nails for the Australasian leg of Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour my amazing client Zowie (who opened for Katy’s Australian and NZ shows) and I were talking about how I had noticed that Perez had nobody covering nail trends on his fashion and beauty website Cocoperez. I decided I wanted to contact Perez to see if he was interested in having an international correspondent and that is exactly what I did. Late one night (in bed lol) I threw an email together listing some of my recent work letting Perez know I would be keen to make some videos and answer Q&As if he was interested and within 20 minutes of my email I got a positive response and I have been working with him since.


What is the latest trend in nails at the moment?
Obviously nail art is back in, in a massive way … texture is huge right now be it building things into nails in the way of 3D hearts and bows or beads and glitter sprinkled on the polish. More is more right now so go crazy!



What is the best thing to happen to the nail industry in the last few years?
Without a doubt it would have to be the introduction of Gel Polish. Gel polish is perfect for everyone whether you are trying to grow your nails or just can’t stand painting your nails and having them chip within days.


Do you need to be an artist to do your own quirky/crazy nail creations?
Not at all. All you need is polish and a little imagination. If you struggle with ideas don’t panic nowadays the Internet is full of tutorials and inspiration on how to create some cool and easy nail art designs


Where do you get your ideas for some of your more adventurous nail designs?
I am constantly inspired by the latest colours and trends I see online and in magazines but I find most of my inspiration is drawn from each and every client which means everything I do is perfectly suited to that particular client. This allows me to include the client’s personal style into their nails but also include whatever is big at the time.


What are some of the most fun nails you’ve done lately?
The most recent set of nails that come to mind is a set I did for the incredible New Zealand Fashion Stylist Kylie Cooke. We went for a custom blended nude base with a dark navy chevron and neon yellow tips, “They looked super hot”.



Do gel nails damage your nails?
Absolutely not.  The only damage or risks you will ever encounter from wearing a gel polish is damage caused by the person that has applied it or by removing them incorrectly e.g. picking the product off.  If the truth be know this is the same story for ALL nail products including acrylic so don’t be frightened off by any scaremongering about nail products.


Do cuticle oils work?
Yes, yes & yes! I cannot express enough how important using high quality nail oil is.


If yes do you have a favorite one?
My professional and personal choice without a doubt is Dadi oil by Famous Names it is 95 percent organic has 21 different essential oils and is by far the best oil I have ever used! Not only does it smell divine it helps keep the nails flexible, hydrated and as an extra bonus you will increase blood flow and circulation to the fingers by massaging it in.


What’s your favorite brand of nail polish?
OPI, Orly and Essie would have to be on top of my list not only do they apply nicely they bring out new collections all the time allowing the public to keep up with the latest trends. Ooooh actually I also have to add to the list the incredible new polish range created by MAC cosmetics. I had the pleasure of playing with them recently at a nail art class I held for MAC at the Britomart store and I was so impressed with them, not only did they have an incredible range but they also dried super fast and looked hot.


Can anyone book in to see you or do you only look after VIPs?
I don’t normally see the general public as my books are full however if someone contacts me and they are prepared to wait  (the waiting lists are pretty long) I will always do my best to try and accommodate them.



Who is your nail mentor?
Over the years I have gained a few mentors such as Tom Bachik, Kimmie Kyees, Naja Rickette & Marian Newman to name a few. I have been incredibly blessed as the nail stylists whom I look up to and am inspired by happen to now be part of my life . . .  I get to speak to most of them on a regular basis and have even had the pleasure of working with a few of them.


Why do you think we all love painting our nails?
It’s an inexpensive and effective way for women and girls to stay current with the latest trends and can really show your individual style and personality.


Best part of your job?
Every part of my job is the best! I am totally in love with what I do. I love all the incredible and interesting people I get to meet, the ability to get creative and all the fun places I get to go. I really have what I believe is the best job ever.


What are some of the upcoming nail trends for spring?
Neon is still super hot along with textures and crazy nail art.


Are you involved in Fashion Week 2012?
I had been asked to create nails for a few different designers but this year I have had to take a step back from shows as I have a massive international project in the works that requires a huge amount of time to be ready to launch by the beginning of next year.