Week One of my Nike She Runs The Night training

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Above from left: Leonie Barlow, Fashion Quarterly’s Megan Bedford and Rebecca Lawson from RAW.



Last night I officially started training for the Nike She Runs The Night event which is happening in Sydney on 4 May. To be honest I should have named this story Weak One because that’s how I was feeling before, during and definitely after the run – phew!

You see I’m not particularly fit at the moment so I was pretty nervous when I showed up at Nike Britomart to join the running club. Not only am I unfit but I’ve never ever, ever run as part of a club or group. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to feel pressured to run. I figure it’s hard enough to do it when I’m on my own let alone trying to keep up with a bunch of super-fit runners. If I hadn’t been training for this event I don’t think I could have been talked into running as part of an organised group but I’m so glad I did.

Here’s how it rolled. We could choose the 3km run circuit or the 6km run circuit. Okay I’m unfit and haven’t run much lately so guess which route I choose? That’s right the 6km. I mean WTF? Wouldn’t you think any normal, sane person would take it slow and ease themselves into it? Yes they would but that would be far too sensible for me. I did feel a little guilty standing in the 6km group when I knew I should be in the 3km group but hey – I’m impatient!

My impatience almost killed me but I had an amazing time and ran better than I could have hoped for. Okay I did come last (which doesn’t matter because it’s not a race) but I did it. The great thing about the run club is there is a runner at the front who sets the pace for the fast runners (I didn’t see her from where I was at) and there is another runner who runs at the same pace as the slowest person in the group (which last night was me). I did feel a little bad that I couldn’t actually chat to the runner beside me (I could hardly breathe let alone chat) but if it hadn’t been for her I would have turned off at the half way mark and given up – truly. You see I had that annoying little voice in my head saying: “Just stop, you’ve had enough, you’re hurting, what’s the point, it’s not worth it, just stop!” You know that little voice? Well last night having someone running with me meant that little voice wasn’t getting a look in. I had someone right there beside me the whole way and I didn’t want to let her down or myself for that. My running buddy was great motivation to keep going and that’s exactly what I did. To prove it I took a pic of my Nike + screen. I wanted to show this pic to everyone at the end of the race – I felt so virtuous.


Above: See I really did do it!


Oh and the other thing that really spurred me on to victory (in my head it was a victory) was my fab new running gear. I don’t know what it is but I always think when you look the part you’re more than half way there.


Above: This is what I wore for my first Nike + Run Club run. These tights are totally rad!


Now I’m not going to lie it was damned hard work but it was also really fun. Despite the fact my aching legs kept me tossing and turning in bed last night I woke up this morning feeling pleased that I’d actually done it!

I’m going to have to up the ante this week though and pound the pavements myself – I’m on a mission now. Nothing like having a goal to get motivated.

Bring it on Sydney!


Above: The Nike + Run Club logo.