Week 2 NIKE She Runs The Night training

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Above: My cool new Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom



I’ve been feeling a bit like Forrest Gump this week – I’ve been running and running and running. Well, if I’m honest I’ve done three runs but I must say I’m pretty happy considering if I hadn’t signed up to take part in Sydney’s NIKE She Runs The Night 10km event in May I probably wouldn’t have done anything. Instead I’ve been keeping track of my progress with the nifty little NIKE+ app I downloaded onto my iPhone. I’ve gotta say there’s something really satisfying about knowing exactly how far you’ve run and how many calories you’ve burnt in the process. Oh and you can also share your run with your Facebook friends too (we like that).



Above: Don’t mean to brag (much) but this is how far I’ve run so far!


Last night I joined the 5km running group. I was pretty relieved when it was 5km instead of running 6km (like the week before) but this time the first part of the run was up hill. Yikes! The whole way up the hill I had that annoying little voice back in my head telling me I couldn’t do it and to stop running. WTF is with that voice? I wish I could just shut it off. I suppose I pretty much did though because I kept plugging away up the hill until I got to the top. I wasn’t going to let that annoying little voice win. From that point it was either all down hill or it was flat. The great thing about last night’s run was that I didn’t come last either. Now I know it’s not a race (because it’s really not) but it was a psychological shot in the arm to not finish last again. Also when I checked my Nike+ app I’d also managed to run the fastest 1km I’d ever run – a six minute km. Now that was only for one of the kms and it was probably the one where I was running down hill but hey – I’ll take it anyway!

The run finished back at NIKE HQ where a DJ was busting out some tunes for everyone to enjoy. The NIKE team also announced that there will be a NIKE She Runs Auckland 10km event too on 6 May. So now you’ve got no excuse not to join in on the fun down at the NIKE She Runs events each Monday night. Okay your only excuse should be that you don’t live in Auckland – we can wear that one. But the rest of you should come down and join in. It really is a whole lot of fun.

Last night was extra exciting for me too because the NIKE team gifted me a snazzy new watch with a built in GPS to track my runs and give me up-to-the-minute info on how far I’ve run. How coooooool is that? It’s a Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom (above). It’s a watch that even James Bond would be proud of. You actually plug the watch band straight into your computer! It lets you track, measure, share and compare your runs with the entire NIKE+ community via the nikeplus.com website. I’m going to give this baby a whirl tomorrow (when my legs have had time to recover) so I’ll report back next week with how I get on. I’m definitely starting to look like a pro now – hopefully soon I’ll be feeling like one too.



Above: Leonie post training run