If it weren’t for super snuggly sweaters and cute pom-pom beanies, surviving winter would be almost impossible. There’s something extra special about wrapping up in wool and that’s why today I’ve teamed up with Persil to share how I like to wear and care for them. So if you want your winter woolies to last a lifetime and always feel super soft and snuggly too then it’s time to give your favourite knits the love they deserve. 


  1. Hand washing wool has always been the preferred cleaning method but nowadays most machines have a hand washing cylcle which is a gentle cycle and won’t spin the item too much.
  2. Always wash your wools in cold water – despite what the label says.
  3. Don’t spin or tumble dry – movement, water and heat turns wool into felt – yes truly! Be sure to wring and agitate your wool as little as possible.
  4. To hand wash, use a mild detergent. I’ve been using the new Persil Delicates and it’s amazing. This divine smelling laundry liquid is really gentle on wools and silks and still effective on stain removal and odours which is exactly what you want.  Simply let your item soak for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it in cool water. To dry, gently squeeze the garment and lay it flat.
  5. You actually DON’T NEED to wash wool too often either.
  6. If your sweater is a little smells a little stale or smokey, simply air dry it lying flat.
  7. If you have a stain or spill on your woollen item consider spot cleaning in a small amount of liquid detergent specifically designed for woollens and delicates (like Persil Delicates) instead of washing the entire garment.
  8. If you woollen item smells but isn’t dirty, another way to eliminate the odour is to place it in a sealed bag in the freezer overnight. This will kill the bacteria which causes the odour.
  9. Don’t ever store your knits between seasons in plastic. The plastic allows bacteria to grow and your woollens will discolour. Wool is a natural fibre so it needs to breathe.
  10. Shave off any fuzz balls with a de-piller. These little gadgets work really well.


Above: A wool de-piller is the best way to remove those unwanted fuzzy balls that often appear on your knitwear.



I’ve worn some of my favourite winter woolies for years now and if you care for them correctly that should last you a lifetime. Given that I’ve often maxed out my credit card to buy them, it’s important that they last the distance. So here are a few of my favourite pieces that are on high rotation in my wardrobe right now. 

Above: This moochi sweater is a firm favourite of mine. The ruffle detailing on the sleeves adds a little extra edge to an otherwise plain knit.


Above: This slouchy moochi jacket has been in my wardrobe for close to 10 years and I’m sure I’ll have it for another 10 years too. The sleeves are leather so I’ve always taken a lot of care with laundering it and it looks as good as the day I brought it home.


Above: This Zara sweater dress is so easy to wear that it comes out of my closet every winter without fail. I usually wear it with my favourite Witchery leather leggings and ankle boots or trainers.


Above: Persil Delicates Silk & Wool is my new secret weapon in keeping my woollies soft, clean and cared for.


Persil delicates is specially formulated to be gentle enough to use on even the most delicate fabrics. It can be used in top or front loading machines (winning!) and is also perfect for hand washing. It also leaves your clothes smelling absolutely divine!


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