Video: The Easiest Way To Clean & Care For Your Makeup Brushes

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Take the hard work out of cleaning your makeup brushes with my simple step-by-step to cleaning and drying your brushes. Remember caring for your brushes will not only help them last longer but they will also apply your makeup much better too. Clean brushes also help to prevent bacteria being transferred from the brush onto your skin causing break-outs.

I clean my brushes thoroughly once a week and in between times I spritz them with an antibacterial spray like this one from Bossy Cosmetics or I often make my own (see recipe below). A little eye makeup remover on a cotton pad works well too but doesn’t dry as fast as an alcohol-based cleaning spray.



2 Cups Distilled Water (or filtered)
1/2 Cup Isopropyl Alcohol (from a pharmacy)
1TBS Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash (I usually use Palmolive)
1 TBS Olive Oil (or your favourite hair conditioner)

Mix all together and pour into a small spray bottle. Just remember to label the bottle well.



How do you care for your makeup brushes? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below.