Are Vampire Facelifts The Best New Beauty Fix?

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Kim Kardashian may have put the Vampire Facelift on the map when she famously underwent the procedure last year and Instagrammed a pic to her millions of followers. But now this cutting edge procedure is available in New Zealand. If it’s good enough for Kimmie it’s good enough for us right? Well that’s what I told myself when I booked in for me very own Vampire Facelift.

Now to set the record straight Kim underwent a Vampire Facial not a Facelift – there is a difference. The facial is a procedure where plasma, derived from your own blood, is injected into your face to reduce wrinkles. A Vampire Facelift uses dermal fillers combined with plasma to lift and stimulate cell regeneration for a more youthful appearance.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in New Zealand to undergo a Vampire Facelift and I’m thrilled with the results – and no I haven’t been paid to say that.

Dr Catherine Stone from Auckland’s The Face Place is one of only two doctors in New Zealand offering the procedure which involves having a small amount of blood drawn from your arm, then spun in a centrifuge to separate out the platelets. They are then injected into your face to help stimulate your own natural collagen production. Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are also injected to help lift the face and reduce wrinkles so the combination of both the fillers and the platelets (plasma) is what creates the magic.

Kim Kardashian

Above: Kim Kardashian posted this dramatic pic to Instagram.



The Vampire Facelift may sound a little scary and a little bit gimmicky, but don’t let that fool you: while this procedure is new to New Zealand it’s been delivering results for many years for patients overseas wanting their wrinkles, folds and signs of ageing smoothed away.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The treatment is safe and effective because it uses your body’s natural plasma to achieve youthful results

3. The Vampire Facelift has a short to no recovery time – I had a meeting after my treatment so there was no down time.

3. Doctors have been using PRP for years to help patients heal their bodies and more recently to rejuvenate their faces.

4. Does it hurt? I’d have to say no, not really. Your face is numbed with numbing cream first and apart from a few extra-sensitive areas it was basically painless.


Above: (from left) Dr Catherine Stone, Vampire Facelift founder, Dr Charles Runels and Dr Kirshni Appanna the only other doctor in New Zealand qualified to offer this treatment.


I recently caught up with Dr Stone to find out a little bit more about how Vampire Facelifts work and why they are so effective.

1) When will you be offering Vampire Facelifts? – The Vampire Facelift is available at The Face Place now.

2) Can you explain the difference between a Vampire Facelift and a Vampire Facial? They are similar and yet very different. Both are trademarked procedures, developed by Dr Charles Runels, which use the healing power of your own platelets and plasma (PRP).

To understand both procedures, you first have to understand PRP. Your platelets are prepared from a small sample of your blood, in a 10 minute process where the red blood cells are removed by spinning down in a centrifuge, leaving a clear yellow liquid containing growth factors and platelets (PRP). These growth factors signal to your body to repair and rejuvenate whatever tissue your PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is placed into, stimulating the regeneration of new collagen, blood vessels and supportive soft tissues.

PRP has been used for many years to improve healing and rejuvenation of tendons and ligaments in sports medicine – many top athletes like Tiger Woods and Magic Johnson have used PRP to improve recovery after injury, while stars such as Angelina Jolie have utilised the cosmetic benefits of the Vampire Facelift procedure.

PRP is one of the safest injectable treatments you can receive, as you are using your body’s own repair systems! There is no chance of reaction or overcorrection, as you are merely signalling to your body to repair itself more effectively, giving younger and more physiologically active tissue in the areas where PRP is placed.

The Vampire Facial, made famous by being completely dramatised by Kim Kardashian, is used to improve skin texture, thickness and glow, by placing your clear yellow PRP into the skin with a microneedling device. In the trademarked procedure, the PRP is rubbed over the skin and then the needling device is run over the top to drive the PRP in. The tiny microneedles allow the PRP to penetrate deeply into the dermis – or active layer – of the skin, where they’ll be the most effective at plumping and thickening the skin. We were all surprised when Kim K tweeted a photo with her face covered in blood – it’s likely she had a version of PRP where not all the red cells were removed.

The Vampire Facelift uses HA fillers in specific areas of the face to replace the volume we lose as we age, then overlies this with injections of PRP in specific areas under the skin, to improve the health and vitality of the overlying skin. An artistic clinician will give you a smoother, fuller, yet subtle and natural looking improvement in a non-surgical treatment that usually takes about 60 minutes. The results are instant, and most people will be able to go straight back to work after the treatment, looking refreshed. As with any injectable procedure, there is a chance of bruising.  

3) How much does a Vampire Facelift Cost? It costs between $1800-$2000 for the standard procedure. This includes your full treatment, consultation and follow up. The volume from the PRP will diminish in 3-5 days, and then start to replenish and rejuvenate the skin in 3-5 weeks, with optimal results normally achieved around 3-5 months. The results last indefinitely, but as we continue to age, you may choose to repeat the procedure every 1-2 years.

4) Who is the perfect candidate for these treatment? If you’ve noticed that your face is starting to ‘drop’ or ‘sag’ – especially in the cheeks, brows and around the jowls – and if the skin around your eyes is starting to get thin and crepey, then you are potentially an excellent candidate for the Vampire Facelift. The Vampire Facial is about replenishing the luminosity, thickness and texture of the skin, and can also be good for improving scarring, acne scarring, large pore size, and crepeyness of the under eye area and/or chest and neck. These procedures are not ideal for everyone, so you will need a consult to determine if either of these treatments are right for you.

5) What do you especially love about these treatments? I love that we are using your own body’s natural repair systems to replenish and rejuvenate your face. I love that it’s a highly artistic procedure, but the instant rejuvenation and natural looking results give a very high satisfaction rate almost immediately. It’s simple to receive the treatment and it’s fun to do! As one of only four active licensed trainers for these techniques in the world, I’m looking forward to training other doctors how to provide these procedures and get great natural-looking results for their clients too!

If you’re looking for a safe, nonsurgical way to achieve smoother, younger, less lined skin, then I’d definitely recommend this treatment.