Your Ultimate Adulthood Starter Kit

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No one ever warns you about how hard it is to grow up. We swan around for what seems like years and then almost overnight we’re expected to grow up. I can’t remember exactly how old I was when life started getting serious but it was sometime in my twenties and it was hard.  Growing up means that life is no longer just focused on fun. Suddenly we’re faced with a whole pile of grown-up stuff, like landing a good job, paying taxes and owning more than you can fit into the back of your car. 

And sometimes, it’s actually hard to feel like a “real” adult, because adult stuff is either expensive or confusing – or both. So if you’re new to this whole “adulting” thing then relax – we’ve got this. Our adult starter kit is designed to take the guesswork out of growing up and actually make adulting fun – well as fun as it can be! 

So read on and get ready to adult like the #girlboss you truly are. 


Get yourself on a great skincare regime

Now’s the time to get serious about your skincare. By this stage in your life you’ve probs experimented with loads of different products but the best thing you can do for your skin is take proper care of it. For starters if you’re not using sunscreen every day then you need to start. It’s the very best thing you can do for your skin. Now is also a great time to learn how to apply makeup. Okay you don’t have to be a pro but a few basic tricks of the trade will take you far. MAC Cosmetics has just launched a new series of workshops called MAC Technique where you can grab a friend and enjoy a hands on lesson (that’s your hands not theirs) and the cost of the lesson is redeemable on product. It’s a fool-proof (not to mention fun) way to always have your “game” face on. 


Invest in people 

I believe that happiness is the key to success and one of the easiest way to be happy is to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Now it’s highly likely you don’t have as many spare hours as you once had so you really do need to choose your friends wisely. Studies show that good friendships are essential to managing stress and staying happy. You may not be ready to settle down, and let’s face it there’s no hurry, but having a BFF could save your life – remember to make time for them.


Manage your money

Money (or lack of) is often the scariest part of growing up but it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is something. Yes that’s right – something. The worst thing you can do is nothing and just hope that your finances will all fall into place. They won’t. So here’s a cheat sheet of what you need to do now to get on top of your finances now and for the future.   


If you don’t want to live with your parents forever you’re going to need to budget. If you don’t get excited at the thought of painstakingly writing down all of your incomings and outgoings then you might want to download a budgeting app to take the hard work out of it. Spendee is a good one that’s easy to use and lets you keep track of your income and expenses to avoid any budget blowouts. 

Manage your debt

 It won’t manage itself. You may need to speak to a financial advisor if you’re really struggling. If you have a credit card it’s worth looking at the amount of interest you’re paying and if there is a more cost effective option for you. Warehouse Money which is The Warehouse’s financial services brand offers a great choice of quality credit cards and insurance products at great value. If you haven’t heard about Warehouse Money before it’s because it has only just celebrated its first birthday. Unlike the big red sheds that have been around for years, Warehouse Money is relatively new but it’s Kiwi owned and operated which helps them understand what Kiwis want and need. The website is easy to navigate and it lets you compare what they offer to what you’re currently paying. The Warehouse Money Red Credit Card actually offers a five percent discount* in all The Warehouse stores and online.


Experts suggest you should start saving 20% of your salary from your very first pay check. The reality is most of us don’t do that but it’s never too late to start. Your first savings goal should really be to build an emergency fund. This should be at least three months of your take-home pay, in case you get fired. When it comes to savings you sometimes just have to ask yourself the hard questions like: “Do I really need that new top”? We didn’t say this adulting thing was easy but having a little financial freedom sure helps to smooth the way. 


 The more you own, the more you stand to lose if something happens so it always pays to be prepared and this means insuring yourself so you don’t fall short in an emergency. A recent Warehouse Money Matters Survey revealed almost 10 per cent of families have NO insurance – none at all for anything! Adulting like a #girlboss means protecting yourself and your assets. Warehouse Money has seven different types of insurances including car, home and contents, contents, home, travel, health and credit card so it’s worth checking them out – remember it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Invest in you 

The reality is we only get one body, so we need to take care of it and now is the best time to rethink your health and wellbeing. Picking up good habits now will pay dividends for years to come. If you’re thinking: I can’t afford a gym membership! It’s too expensive! Then you just need to get a little clever. Take a look on Trademe or Ebay to see if you can purchase someone’s existing membership at a reduced rate. Or keep an eye out for a great deal – gyms generally offer great discounts at the beginning of a new year.  The point is, your 20s are the perfect time to focus on your fitness. It’s one thing to invest in grown-up stuff, like insurance policies and great skincare but you also have to remember to invest in yourself. Another great way to invest in you is through travel. This means you’ll need to put a little dosh aside each payday so you can escape to somewhere new and exciting for a weekend, a week, or even longer. The best thing about traveling is that you do more than just discover a new city, you also get to discover YOU!  Websites like Cheap Flights are great for helping you get the very best deals. 


Get your wardrobe in order

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but never have anything to wear? Are you sick of spending money on clothes that never get worn? Well now is the time to FINALLY get your wardrobe in order once and for all. Now we don’t expect you to spend a fortune on designer gear – but you may just need to invest some time in deciding what your style is, looking at the clothes you already own and identifying any gaps that will take the stress out of getting dressed. If you want a little steer in the right direction my e-book Six Simple Steps To Building The Perfect Wardrobe may be what you need to get your wardrobe back on track. In it I show you how to shop smart and stay on trend while sticking to a budget. And remember just because you’re a grown up now doesn’t mean you have to get all serious when it comes to fashion. Fashion is fun and should reflect how you feel – regardless of age. Iris Apfel is a perfect example of someone who hasn’t let age get in the way of dressing like a #girlboss. Now is your time to establish your sense of style and start owning it.



Warehouse Money Card (Red Card) offers a five percent discount* in all The Warehouse (Red Sheds) stores and online.

The Purple Credit Card earns ‘2 Purple Dollars’ for every $150 spent at The Warehouse (instore and online) and ‘1 Purple Dollar’ for every $150 spent wherever Visa is accepted spent that can be redeemed at any The Warehouse store (not online). As part of Warehouse Money’s low cost promise, both cards have no establishment, annual, administration or additional cardholder fees.Warehouse Money also has seven insurance products including:

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