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Like it or not, we live in a world that values youth and beauty.  Although we are living longer than ever before, for most of us that’s not enough – we want to look and feel younger too.

For most people, this normally means they’d like to reduce the outward signs of ageing i.e wrinkles, age spots, thinning or greying hair and so on.  Our obsession with maintaining a youthful exterior is evident from the boom in appearance medicine clinics, which feature specially trained medical professionals and an ever-growing array of expensive surgical and chemical treatments to choose from.  But there are also a growing number of women who wish to take a more natural approach.  This may be your most sensible choice, as the same strategies that you can adopt to look younger will also benefit your overall health and wellbeing, helping you to feel younger and stronger.  And your bank balance will be healthier too!  So what then can we do to look and feel younger, naturally?


Eat & drink differently

The primary causes of skin damage and ageing are exposure to sunlight and environmental pollution, causing oxidation and inflammation of the skin.  Whilst most of us are now aware of the benefits of wearing sunscreen, fewer perhaps know that cellular damage can also be reduced from the inside out, by increasing the amount of free radical scavengers we consume.

The scientific evidence is clear:  foods high in antioxidant and/or anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Vitamin C (helps in the formation of collagen as well as being antioxidant), Vitamin E, DMAE, co-enzyme Q-10, and any supplements or beverages high in polyphenolic compounds such as green or white tea, grape seed extract, or olive leaf can all help bolster your body’s ability to heal itself.

You can sneak many of these ingredients into your daily diet, for example by using olive oil in your salad dressing.  Or if you want to dramatically increase your daily intake of polyphenolic antioxidants, there are new and innovative products that are specifically designed to achieve exactly this, such as my own range of antioxidant drinks “Ti Tonics’, which contain more than 5000mg of grape seed extract per bottle.


Think and act differently

Staying youthful is as much a mental game as a physical one.  As renowned medic Dr. Bernie Siegel says, ‘show me a patient who is able to laugh and play, who enjoys living, and I’ll show you someone who is going to live longer’.  After a lifetime of helping people his message is simple:  think differently and not only will you look and feel younger, people will treat to you differently.

Dance!  Play!  Write/create!  Exercise!  Sleep!

Have a wonderful week

Dr. Tracey




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