Top 10 Things You Don’t Need In Your Closet!

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Ever wondered what’s sitting in your closet that you shouldn’t still be keeping? Do you ever wish your closet was more organised? Then here are my TOP TEN things that you probably have but DON’T need in your closet! These tips will help you organise your clothes into things that you actually need and wear versus the things that you might just be holding on to. Great closet organisation can do so much for your mindset – declutter your closet, declutter your life – truly!



  1. Lingerie you no longer wear
  2. Old comfy clothes that you’re wearing as lounge wear
  3. Out of date statement jewellery and accessories
  4. Activewear you no longer wear
  5. Worn out wardrobe favourites
  6. Clothes and shoes that hurt
  7. Clothes you haven’t worn in the last year 
  8. Sentimental fashion items
  9. Clothes that don’t fit
  10. Clothes with tags still attached


What have I missed? If there’s something you think needs to be regularly decluttered from your closet please share it in the comments below.