There’s more to running than running

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Above right:Nike trainer, Kirsty Godso.



What I’ve discovered while training for the Nike She Runs The Night 10K race is running is about more than . . . well . . . running. Let me explain.

Last week Nike set up a personal training session for us bloggers heading to Sydney for the big race. It’s been years since I’ve set foot in a gym. In fact, the last time I did everyone was still wearing g-string leotards and Olivia Newton-John-style sweatbands. Yep it was a while ago.  So as you can imagine I was a little apprehensive when I showed up for my workout at Auckland’s Les Mills gym. Being greeted by the amazing Kirsty Godso – a walking, talking poster-girl for Les Mills (she really is on the posters) was a little nerve-wracking to say the least. Not only is Kirsty drop-dead gorgeous but she has a killer body too. Hmmm – this was going to be interesting.

My partner in crime, Katherine, from Katherine is Awesome described our uber trainer perfectly when she said:

“Kirsty Godso – a beautiful, thin, glowing, toned, tanned, girl with a swishing ponytail and amazing skin and super long eyelashes.”

Yep that’s Kirsty alright.

Kirsty took us through a workout from the Nike Training Club app which consisted of squats, tuck-jumps, lunges more squats, even more squats and a tonne of extra sit ups just for “fun”.

Katherine described the experience perfectly when she wrote on her blog (sorry to steal your words Katherine but you said it so well):

“There is nothing like doing tuck jumps and high knee runs and squats next to a creature like that. On the one hand, it’s super depressing because you can see both of you in the mirror and she’s making everything look effortless, and on the other hand it’s kind of motivating because you’ve kind of got something to aspire to. Anyway, she was really, really, really nice whilst putting us through all those exercises and the next two days I had the worst calf and quad muscle pain I’ve had in my entire life.”

I’ll second that.

So when it comes to running there is a whole lot more than . . . well . . . running. There’s all the boring exciting stuff like mixing it up and working on your core strength and your muscle strength, making sure you eat well, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep etc etc. But when I say there’s more to running than running what I actually mean is that with running comes a whole bunch of stuff I’d never bargained for: fab new friends, fancy new workout gear, cool high-tech gadgets, lots of laughs, new experiences and most of all lots and lots of fun.

Roll on Sydney – we’re ready for you!


Above: Katherine Lowe and Leonie Barlow pre-workout.