The Truth About Liposuction – One Woman’s Experience

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Six months ago one of my good friends decided to go under the knife and get liposuction to shift those last few post-baby pounds. While I didn’t think she actually needed it, she’s one of those people who always looks fab, as a friend I supported her decision. I went along on the day and filmed the entire procedure and have closely followed her progress so I could share her experience here. 

While the video below is not for the faint-hearted it illustrates the procedure and to be honest it wasn’t anywhere near as gruesome as I was expecting. Like many of us I’d seen liposuction on television and had always thought it was quite an aggressive procedure but after spending four hours watching my friend undergo liposuction to her entire torso (front and back) I’d changed my mind. Don’t get me wrong it’s no walk in the park and it’s far from an easy fix but I thought you may be interested to see what happens. Scroll down for a full Q&A with my friend below. 

But be warned – don’t watch the video if you’re squeamish. 


Why did you want liposuction? I looked to liposuction to correct that one area that I didn’t like on myself. Years of yo yo dieting and failed attempts at exercise along with having three children left me unable to shift the wait around my midriff.  I’m also approaching 50 so I suppose I wanted the change to be fast.

Did you try to lose weight before opting for liposuction? You name it I tried it . . . right down to salt water cleanses but the area under my breasts never changed and nor did the pocket of fat over my cesarean scar.

Did it hurt? Not during the treatment itself but for about a week following there was definitely some discomfort but I managed with Panadol and was back at work four days later with no one suspecting I’d had anything done.

Was there much bruising and discomfort? Yes bruising was definitely a factor but it looked worse than it felt and it only lasted about 10 days.

Did you have to wear a support garment and if so for how long? As I got off the table I slipped into a support garment that I had specially made a week prior to the procedure. I must say I became very attached to it as I heeled post op. It helped a lot with the discomfort and I felt very firm and slim wearing it.

Is there much scarring? Not at all, just tiny, tiny dots but they are definitely disappearing over time.

Are you happy with the results? Completely and utterly ecstatic.    

How did you choose your surgeon? I’d done plenty of research and a few friends had been to see Dr Ron Goedeke too.

How much did it cost? $8,900.

What’s the best thing about having liposuction? It was gradual but instant at the same time if you know what I mean? After about two weeks I was down a dress size and 3kgs, after six weeks, I’d dropped two dress sizes and 7kgs. It’s helped my self confidence and in a crazy way it’s made it easier to watch what I eat – I think I just don’t want to undo all the good that has been done. Basically, I just feel happier looking back at myself in the mirror. I even wore a bikini this summer and that would never have happened before having liposuction.

Would you do it again? I hope I don’t have to however I could be tempted to address a couple of different areas such as the backs of my arms.







Liposuction procedure performed in Auckland New Zealand by Dr Ron Goedeke