Could LED Light Therapy Be The Secret To Younger-Looking Skin?

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When you get to a certain age (it’s usually over 40) most “beauty” treatments cause some discomfort. Don’t get me wrong when I have a facial I actually enjoy feeling it because at least I know it’s doing something. But when you find a treatment that is not only pampering but also jumpstarts your skin’s own collagen production then that’s a double bonus in my book. Enter LED Light Therapy – a treatment that was new to me until recently when I started a course of nine LED sessions at Auckland’s, Haven Skin Spa in Takapuna.

Leonie arriving for a relaxing LED session at Haven Takapuna.
The LED treatments always make me smile.

Take a sneak peek at my treatment in the video below. Just skip to 4.20 to see my LED treatment in action.


LED Light Therapy is a clinically-proven skin rejuvenation treatment and has been hailed as one of the most effective non-invasive, anti-aging treatments around. It’s designed to brighten a dull complexion (something that happens naturally as we age) and leave your skin looking healthier, fresher and more youthful. Winning!


In layman terms, LED Light Therapy delivers highly concentrated waves of energy in the form of light to stimulate your skin’s own natural collagen and elastin production.

This type of treatment is often used in the medical profession to stimulate wound healing and trigger cellular activity.


There are many proven benefits and include increased collagen and elastin production, reduction of sunspots, improvement in the appearance of fine lines and the overall tone and texture of the skin. The light can also be used to heal blemishes, pimples, acne and other similar skin conditions. 

Haven Takapuna is a lovely place to treat your face.
Leonie undergoing a LED yellow light treatment at Haven.


I had nine treatments of LED Light Therapy over a course of three weeks. Each week consisted of two yellow light treatments and one red light treatment. The yellow light penetrates a little deeper than the red light so the effects are not as immediate. The red light leaves your skin looking and feeling immediately plumper and radiant but the effects are not as long lasting as the yellow light. This is why the two light treatments are used in tandem as part of the three week series.

It’s not surprising, these treatments quickly became my new obsession. On a cold day there was nothing more luxurious than snuggling down under the covers, getting a divine arm massage (yes truly) while my face basked in in gorgeous golden, warming glow.

There is also no downtime after each treatment which is really handy if you opt for the series like I did. Before I began my treatments, I was told that LED Light Therapy has a cumulative effect on the skin cells, with each treatment building on the last. I was also told to expect my skin to keep improving over the coming weeks. To be honest I was initially a little skeptical about this but it’s been three weeks post treatments and I can hand-on-heart say my skin has continued to improve each day. I’ve mostly noticed the texture of my skin change. It’s definitely smoother and feels as though it’s been gently resurfaced. I’m also noticing that my foundation glides on easier and my fine lines are most definitely less noticeable. All in all I’m really loving the results and would definitely recommend this treatment – especially in winter!

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