Super EASY Treats To Help You Snack Smart At Your Desk

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Flossie (4)I’ll be honest, apart from the odd chip or 10, I am very much a health food freak. Yep, I love a glass of something and I’ll never say no to choccie when I am in the mood for it, but apart from that, I am the healthy snack gal.

Give me a bowl of brazil, hazel, almond and macadamia nuts or a bliss ball over cake any day. I’m even learning how to make a raw food cheesecake in time for my birthday to bring in for the gals in the office.

So healthy arvo snack for me is a way of life. I thought about what could be easy for us office gals to snack on come the hunger craving at 3 o’clock. I don’t know about you, but I want snacks that give back to your body rather than take away from it.

In the interests of sharing, here are some of my fave super easy, and some surprisingly delicious treats. PLUS find out below what you could win to join me in healthy snacking!!!



Tasti (7)Obvious 101, right? But how often do you reach for the chips when popcorn is so cheap, easy and waaaaaaaaybetter for you?

You can precook popcorn and pop into snap lock bags the night before (they’ll keep fresh if sealed when they have cooled). Or you can buy now dairy and gluten free varieties with no nasty additives.

Just do it!

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Tasti (8)Who’d have thought something so simple could taste soooo gooood? Making this snack happen is easy. Bring in a bag of carrots – they’re so cheap – and pop it in the office fridge (no one will steal them!) and throw in a jar of cashew nut butter and you’re done. Carrots are the ultimate vegetable packed full of heathy water, and cashew nuts are the unsung hero of the nut world.

This is the perfect winter snack and the surprise flavour punch of the bunch!

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Tasti (9)We can’t all stop work and magic up a tasty treat even if these ideas are ridic easy. We at nzgirl got a sneak preview tasting of the fab new Tasti Smooshed Wholefood Balls and just like our amazing simple snacks, contain minimal ingredients, are scrummylicious PLUS are great for our bodies. There are three flavours: Brazen Berry, Orange Zinger andMocha Macchiato, which was the office fave! They all contain base ingredients date paste, roasted cashews and cocoa powder. Brazen Berry also has dried cherries and coconut, Orange Zinger contains coconut and orange oil, and the Mocha Macchiato has coconut and real coffee beans for that fab after lunch kick!

But best of all, these balls of goodness taste great and you won’t want to share!

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Tasti (10)Can I just have a holler for the fact that finally, after a freeze out of our fave fruit (yes, these are a fruit) that now avos are finally affordable again?! Oh hell yes!

This snack is about as simple and crazy satisfying as it gets. Peel and slice the avocado, then cut (with scissors) the nori paper (seaweed) into 1.5cm wide strips, then wind the nori around the seaweed. The nori means (once made) you have a clean way of picking them up. They also make a cute snack for after work drinks. You could also roll the avo in black sesame seeds too for extra yum and nutritional benefit!

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Tasti (12)Just like the Tasti Smooshed balls, the Tasti Made Simple Wholefood Bars taste great and are kept crazy simple with just FOUR healthy ingredients. They come in three flavours: Forest Berries, Cocoa Orange and the delectableLamington!

They are the perfect grab and go healthy bite for your desk draw, your handbag and your gym bag. Sorry to say though, you can not leave these in a shared cupboard… because they’ll disappear before you write your post-it note saying “Mine! Don’t touch!”. Tasti-licious!!!!

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Tasti (13)They sure is UG-LY buuuuuut oh so good! And the best thing is so simple and the absolute taste-sensation surprise in this easy snack fest – tested on someone who doesn’t even really like peanut butter – and she went in for MORE! This is peanut butter with chia seeds paired with gorgeous Yummy apples, which you can read all about here.

Tasti (6)


Tasti (14)
So simple but so crazily good! This is just gorgeous, plump sundried tomatoes, another goodie to leave in the jar in the work fridge with no fear of mystery eaters, plus divine low GI hazelnut oat crackers, which are just YUM!

Because these tomatoes are sun-dehydrated prior to being added to extra virgin olive oil to preserve them, they provide a natural concentration of flavour and nutrients for our bodies. Sprinkle the salt and cracked pepper and all your savoury dreams will come true. The gals in the office were surprised at just how scrummylicious these are!