The Sunscreen That Made Me Actually Like Sunscreen

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Lathering ourselves in sunscreen is the best way (other than staying indoors) to be sun smart in summer. But the problem I have with sunscreen (apart from deciding which one to choose) is that most of them are thick and goopy, leave you with a strange white cast all over your body and are basically just too damn sunscreen-y. But my aversion toward this essential skin-care step quickly faded away when I got my hands on the new Banana Boat SunComfort range. Seriously, this stuff is the shizz. 

Let’s start with the formula: It’s lightweight (yay!), has a lovely subtle fragrance, it blocks out UVA and UVB rays and absorbs into your skin like a dream. Oh and despite boasting an impressive SPF 50 coverage it doesn’t leave you looking like a ghost. Now here’s the kicker, sand can’t stick to it – yes you heard that right! It’s the first-ever sand-resistant sunscreen and that’s why I reckon this new sunscreen is a summer must have.  


Above: Banana Boat SunComfort is the only product on the market that is truly sand resistant.



  • Make sure you apply enough sunscreen – around seven teaspoons in total (one teaspoon per limb then two teaspoons on your torso and one for your face neck and ears
  • Reapply every two hours and more often when swimming, sweating or towel drying
  • Apply sunscreen 20 mins before you go out into the sun.

Sunscreen is only part of staying sun smart. You also need to:

  • avoid prolonged exposure to the sun
  • look for shade where possible
  • avoid being out in the sun for the hottest parts of the day
  • always wear protective clothing, hats and eyewear
  • Like medicine, sunscreen is a perishable product, so it’s important to store below 30C and check expiry dates
  • Use lotion as your primary sunscreen and clear spray to top up during the day.


Above: Banana Boat SunComfort Mist, $19.99 and Banana Boat SunComfort Lotion, $18.99 will have you and your family beach-ready all summer long.




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