I recently transformed my dining room into a fab new living room and have just added the final stylish touch – a stunning new tap that not only looks uber cool but is a complete game-changer in more ways than one. The Italian-designed MultiTap not only delivers an endless supply of fresh filtered water but it also dispenses near boiling water too. So basically it’s a kettle and a mixer tap in one. Pretty cool right?Not only do I no longer need a kettle, which means one less appliance on my counter top, but I now have delicious, filtered water on tap (literally). Not to mention, it just got a whole lot easier to make my favourite pot of herbal tea and endless cups of tea and coffee without even having to boil the jug. The steaming hot water also makes light work of cleaning those grimy pots and pans and I’m especially loving how it helps to dramatically cut down cooking time too. It’s great for wilting vegetables and my boys find it super handy for making noodles in record time. Can you see why it’s a game-changer in the kitchen?

One of the best parts was being able to retrofit the tap into my bench top without needing another hole drilled – or worse needing two separate taps. While I’d wanted the convenience of filtered water for a long time the idea of installing another tap just didn’t appeal. I’m a little particular when it comes to aesthetics so when I saw MultiTap had just released stylish new tap ware that not only offered filtered water but near boiling water from the same tap – I knew this would add the perfect, finishing touch to my newly made-over room. The near-boiling water is heated in a compact water tank that sits out of the way under your bench top so everything is kept well out of sight. You can also adjust the temperature of the water from this small unit. Winning! The hardest part was choosing out of the three modern designs and whether or not to go for the super stylie matte black finish or the chrome. As you can see I opted for chrome to tie in with the other chrome items in my kitchen but the black is uber cool.

Take a look at how easy and convenient it is to get one installed and how stylish it looks in my kitchen in my short video below.  



Above: The MultiTap makes a stylish new addition to my kitchen.

Above: There’s nothing better than having filtered water on tap at all times.

Above: I love the fact the near-boiling handle has a safety feature that makes it completely child proof. 

Above: I opted for the chrome finish as it works in perfectly with the style of my kitchen.


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