STORM’s spring photo shoot

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There’s always an awful lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes at fashion photo shoots.  I’ve always loved shoot days because you end up with something fabulous to show for your hard work – well that’s the plan anyway. Storm’s spring/summer shoot went over two days. The first day was to create look book images which is basically a “catalogue” (they’ll hate me for saying that) of the season’s outfits. The second day was to shoot what is called the campaign and these are the images you will see on billboards and in advertising campaigns. Both shoots were a whole lot of fun.


I arrived at the STORM’s shoot and couldn’t help but sneak a peek at all the gorgeous new season clothes.



Here are just a few of the accessories stylist Rachael Churchwood had at the ready for the shoot.

Make-up time is always fun to watch AND you also get to see what all of those brushes are actually used for.

Make-up artist Stacy Leeghin applies a little moisturiser to model Emily Theyers.


Out come the rollers.


As they say, where there’s a will there’s a way.




The STORM team on the job.


Stylist extraordinaire Rachael Churchwood adding the finishing touches to Emily’s second outfit for the day.


There was some feline love going on at the shoot with the resident tabby trying to get in on the act.



Makeup assistant Holly Vincent and our favourite tabby.


More hair and make-up touch ups for the third outfit.





And the fourth outfit.


I LOVED the fifth outfit. It looks like a dress but is actually a top and skirt with gorgeous rich red piping detail around the sleeves.




A new day and a new model – this time it’s the beautiful Ashley Goode.


And a new location.




Photographer Russ Flatt and STORM’s Deborah Caldwell.





Models: Emily Theyers (Red 11), Ashley Goode (M&T Models)
Photographer: Russ Flatt
Photographers Assistant: Aaron Burgess
Stylist: Rachael Churchwood
Makeup artist: Stacy Leeghin
Makeup assistant: Holly Vincent
Storm General Manager: Deborah Caldwell