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I always get super-excited when a new issue of FQ hits the newsstands. In fact, I’ll apologise now for any typos today because I was up until the wee small hours poring over the new spring issue.

Despite the fact that I left FQ more than four years ago I still feel very much a part of the FQ family. The only difference now is I get to really enjoy reading each and every issue. When you are editing a magazine you get so close to it that by the time the magazine lands on your desk you really can’t see the wood for the trees. You’ve read every single word countless times, you’ve scrutinised every image, you’ve designed and redesigned the layouts and had your eagle eye over every single inch of every single page. Phew it’s making me tired just thinking about it. But my point is that you don’t ever get to really enjoy reading the magazine. Like really reading it and soaking up all the gorgeousness.

When I moved over to edit The Australian Women’s Weekly my new desk was just across the hallway from the FQ team. I’d regularly wander over to say hi to the girls and to poke my head inside the FQ lockup. Which is basically a small room that is packed to overflowing with the most amazing collection of designer fashion. It’s like being a big kid in a very chic candy store.

While I love the blogosphere and feel very excited about the future of online publishing I still get weak at the knees when a new issue of FQ arrives. The tactile experience of holding a premium glossy fashion magazine like FQ in my hands and indulging in pages and pages of inspiring fashion and beauty ideas is something I’ll never tire of and I’ll always look back fondly on the seven years I spent editing this wonderful magazine.


This picture was taken in 2010 to celebrate FQ’s 30th birthday. It shows all of the magazine’s past editors and the current editor Fiona Hawtin (middle back). That’s me on the far left perched on the stool – not sure what I was thinking about with my outfit that day but it’s a lovely line-up to be part of.

Oh and as far as the spring 2012 issue of FQ goes – it’s fabulous.