Step-by-step Faux Lashes

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I’ve worked with professional makeup artist Leisa Welch many times over the years and we’ve become really great friends.

Leisa is a star when it comes to applying false lashes.

That’s why I went straight to the top and asked Leisa to share some of her tricks of the trade.

Do you apply the glue to the lashes or to the eyelid?
I apply glue straight onto the artificial lash.

Are there any special tricks to applying false lashes?
When I apply the lash adhesive to the false lashes it’s a good idea to either blow on it or wave the lash around a bit so it isn’t too wet when you apply it.  The drier it is when you apply it the less it will slide around and slip out of place. I don’t use tweezers either I just use my fingers when I’m applying the lashes to the eyelid and I push them gently into the lash line using the lash ends. You just hold them in position for a couple of minutes until the adhesive dries.

Exactly how much glue do you need?
A little too much is better than not enough. Make sure the thin band that runs along the false lash is fully coated right up to very ends.

Do you apply them before or after your eye makeup?
I apply lashes after makeup and before mascara. When I apply the mascara I gently wiggle the mascara wand up into the artificial lash to blend them with the natural lashes for a more natural look.

What is the difference between the various types of lashes?
Full band gives the most dramatic look. They come in many different thicknesses and lengths so you can choose how dramatic you want to look. The half band (middle to edge of eye) is a much more natural effect, it is still sexy but more subtle. If you only have full band lashes don’t be afraid to cut them down to size. Individual lashes allow the wearer to decide where and how much lash intensity they want. They are slightly trickier to apply as they tend to slip or twist the wrong way especially if the adhesive is too wet or if the person applying is inexperienced.

How long should they last?
I dont recommend people wearing them for any longer than a day.

Do they damage your own lashes?
If you remove them carefully and don’t wear them for too long there should be no damage to the natural lash.

Do you have a favourite lash brand?
I tend to choose MAC as they have the most extensive range in New Zealand. So for me it’s a one-stop lash shop.

Do you know anything about lash extensions?
Lash extensions are a more permanent answer to artificial lashes. If well applied they should last about 3-4 weeks before an infil is required.

Have you/would you have them?
I have dabbled in them. I had them applied at Cerise Lash Bar in Grey Lynn by Aleshia and they looked amazing. I’d still be rocking them now if i wasn’t cash poor at the moment.  I have however seen some people who have had sub-standard lash extensions applied that look great initially but end up damaging the natural lashes. It’s a tricky, time consuming process because each lash is separated and one artificial lash is placed onto that lash. I’d recommend getting a referral to a good salon from someone who has had a good experience before you commit to lash extensions.

Have you used lash growth serums?
Yes! I love the effect of lash serums, my lashes were amazing when I was using a serum on them. The downside is that they go straight back to their old length when you stop using the serum. Too sad!

Do you have a favorite serum?
The only serum I have tried is Li Lash which is not a prescription serum but I have seen the results from Latisse (which is prescription) and it worked really well too.


Makeup and lashes by Leisa Welch.
Photographer: Robert Hart

Makeup and lashes by Leisa Welch.
Photographer: Jackie Meiring


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Lash Serums

If you’ve tried lash serums before you’ll know they are AMAZING. They really do make your lashes grow. Many of the popular brands contain a type of prostaglandin that’s known to encourage lash growth. These prostaglandins are commonly used in glaucoma therapy and doctors noticed their patients’ lashes lengthening over the treatment time. This is how these serums were first discovered.

Many beauty companies are now using peptides as the main growth-enhancing ingredient in their products.

I’d love to know if you’ve had any success with lash serums and which products you have used.

Here are a few to consider.