Annabel Langbein’s Famous Pavlova Recipe

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The quintessential Kiwi pavlova is a hard and fast favourite in our house and a perfect way to top off any dinner party. But if you want a perfect Pav every single time then follow these six simple secrets. For starters you’ll need to arm yourself with a winning recipe. My all-time favourite is Annabel Langbein’s Fantasy Pavlova. Not only does it taste great but it always looks great too. You can grab the recipe HERE


  1. A glass or metal bowl is essential – it’s important that your mixing utensils are scrupulously clean. Oil prevents the egg whites from reaching their full potential so clean equipment and a glass or metal mixing bowl are a must.
  2. Caster sugar will always make a lighter, higher pavlova – if you don’t have any caster sugar simply whizz regular sugar in the food processor until it’s super fine.
  3. Add the sugar gradually – this will give your mixture more volume and will ensure a better finished product.
  4. Eggs need to be at room temperature – Eggs that are a few days old are actually best too and be sure to avoid getting any yolk in the bowl when you are separating the eggs. Yolk in the bowl = epic fail.
  5. A reliable oven is key – Pavlovas need to be cooked at a long slow, consistent temperature and the oven door must never be opened once the pav starts cooking. When the Pavlova has finished cooking it must be left to cool in the oven to prevent it collapsing. See my pick below for the top oven on the market.
  6. Climate counts too – hot, humid weather will effect your Pavlova so if you’ve followed all the above and your Pav isn’t looking as flash as you’d like then you can blame it on the humidity.