Simple sock bun

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I first saw this bun on You Tube  and thought it was so great that I’d give it a go myself.

Even though talented makeup artist Leisa Welch did this one on me it’s surprisingly easy to do yourself. The great part is you don’t even need any pins to hold it all in place.

Take a look for yourself.


Creating the perfect bun

These buns work best on hair that isn’t super clean. Day old hair is the ticket for this style as it gives your hair a little more texture, making it easier to roll into the sock.

If your hair is freshly washed just spray a little dry shampoo onto your hair before you place it into a ponytail.

If you’d like more volume backcomb sections of your ponytail before rolling it into the sock.

The thicker the sock the bigger the bun.

If you prefer a looser bun simply use a long-handled comb to loosen your hair.


Video: Susie & Pat McDonald, Click HD Video Production,