I’m training for the Nike She Runs The Night event and need your help.

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I’m always up for a challenge which is why I was super excited to be asked to join Nike at this year’s She Runs The Night event in Sydney. The only catch is it’s a 10km run and I’m not very fit – arrgggghhh. Oh and the run is in six weeks’ time – yikes!

But hey like I said I do love a challenge. Not sure if I’ll be so resolute about that after my first training session but you only live once right?

Last night I met up with my new training buddy, the fabulous editor of Remix magazine Tina Moore, down at Auckland’s Nike concept store in Britomart. Have you visited that place lately? It’s AWESOME. Tina and I got the VIP (no make that VVVVVIP) treatment down there last night. I felt like I was on the set of Oprah – you know when she used to shower her audience with gifts? Well that was us last night. The Nike team kitted us out in all the latest and greatest running gear. I mean I look like a total pro which I reckon gets you about 90 percent of the way there (well kind of). Check us out in this pic below. We were feeling pretty chuffed decked out in the latest threads and check out our cool new running kicks!



Above: Tina (left) and Leonie being kitted out at the Nike store in Auckland’s Britomart.



Above: Our uber cool new Nike kicks – bet these babies will make me fly.



This is the second year Nike has hosted the She Runs The Night event which is about motivating, inspiring and encouraging women to unite as a community and create a safe environment by running at night in groups around their city. This year the run is taking place on Saturday 4 May at 7pm in Sydney’s Centennial Park and Tina and I will be there. Personally I never run at night because I don’t feel safe – but with a group of girls? Well that’s a whole different story. With over 6,000 girls? Well that’s just a blast!



Okay so this is where YOU come in. Over the next six weeks I’m going to need all of the help and advice you guys can throw at me. I’m joining the Nike women only running club on Monday nights and would love you to join me. I’m also keeping an online diary here and each week I’ll post an update on where I’m at with my training and preparation (yikes!).  I’m going to need plenty of motivation so I’m hoping I can rely on all of my fab insiders to keep me going. There’s a cool little app called Nike plus which I’ll be using to log all of my training runs (so there’s no way I can pull a swifty and say I’ve done a run when I haven’t).  I’ll be able to include this on my Facebook page so you can see what I’ve been up to. Please please please comment and let me know what you think and come and join me on Monday nights at 5.20pm at Nike Britomart – I really need your support. Maybe you’d even like to come over to Sydney with Tina and I and join in on the fun? Oh and we need a team name – got any cool ideas?

Team Kiwi perhaps?


Take a look at one girl’s experience running at last year’s She Runs The Night event in Sydney Australia. It’s pretty inspiring – might even get you wanting to join in on the fun.

See you next week for my first training update!