Saying No To A Free Blowdry Changed My Life

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Above: Retro blow.



Okay I may be overstating it a little but only a little. You see iconic Auckland hair salon Kokomo recently invited me along for a free blowdry to celebrate its 19th birthday. I’d always noticed Kokomo because for years it had been a shining light on Ponsonby Road with its oversized sequined sign and cool seventies vibe. But I’d never visited the salon.


KOKOMO hair salon

Above: Kokomo’s original salon on Ponsonby Road.


The problem I had with accepting the offer of a free blowdry was that my hair was a total mess. I’ve always coloured my own hair but the last few times I’d opted for a colour that was a couple of shades too dark for me. So my hair was over-dyed and it seemed like the team at Kokomo would be trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Basically, I didn’t want them wasting them time on me when no amount of blowdrying was going to make it look good.  So I politely declined their kind offer and that was that. Well so I thought. What I hadn’t expected was that the lovely owner of Kokomo would extend her original offer and invite me in for a complimentary cut and colour. Well! I was a tad embarrassed but I was also thrilled at the thought of getting my locks back in tip-top shape again.

When I arrived for my appointment I immediately felt at home. Most of the team have been at the salon since it opened all those years ago and it shows. I felt like I was catching up with my old friends. The team made me feel so welcome and the best part was they didn’t judge me for making a complete hash of my hair. Instead, I was treated to the full VIP service and left the salon feeling a million bucks.

My stylist, Bianca, used highlights to bring my hair back to a more natural color and to recreate the belayage effect that I once had. She also cut my hair in a way that gave it plenty of shape without losing the length.

I’d been hating my hair for weeks and weeks and I left the salon that day feeling like a new woman.

So Kokomo celebrated 19 fabulous years and I was the one who got the gift. I can’t thank them enough.

I’ll definitely be back to Kokomo and would recommend this amazing team to anyone.

Image 101

Above: Auckland’s Kokomo salon on Ponsonby Road is a L’Oréal Professionnel salon.


Image 100

Above: Upstairs at Auckland’s Kokomo salon is like a zen retreat – private and quite.




Above: My new ‘do.