How To Refresh Winter Hair Without Getting The Chop

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My hair has been pink for just under two years now but at this gloomier time of the year, even pink hair needs an extra burst of colour and a cut to freshen it up. My most recent colour gal changed jobs leaving me high and dry, so I decided to find my new creative colourist from the experts, the ultimate word-of-mouth app: Flossie.

iphone-appFlossie is designed for gals just like me who want our appointment when we want it and where we want it. I’m a bit of a slacker when it comes to beauty maintenance and I am more likely to be the gal who thinks “Crap, that event is this week and my hair/brows/tan needs help!”. Hence the need for Flossie to save the day. (I have been known to book brows, makeup and a blow wave on Flossie in the space of a day for an event that night!).

I love Flossie for five reasons:

  1. It’s Expert – I get access to the very best hair, beauty and bodywork experts in town.
  2. It’s Recommended – All salons and spas are tried and tested by real people so their reviews are as authentic as if coming from your best friend.
  3. It’s Super Fast (no calling!!) – With both the Instant Book and Request an Appointment I can get appointments when and where I want them at short notice (‘cos I’m a fast decision-maker and want it NOW!).
  4. It Has Transparent Pricing – It’s price competitive and enables me to shop around within the app and get the best bang for my buck (factoring in travel time, price, availability, etc).
  5. It Has No Surprises – I pay before I turn up for the appointment so I know exactly what price I have committed to and there are no embarrassing surprises when I get to the till.

And using Flossie was how I discovered the 5-star rated Kokomo Haircutters (pictured below). I have recently joined Tinder (more on that in a post soon!) and my hair was definitely in need of a refresh before I could even think of going on a date. Through Flossie, I was able to book a cut and creative colour with Sophia at Kokomo, somewhere I had never been before.


I was excited and nervous as I am before anyone touches my mop, but it turned out that Sophia is a creative colour expert from one of London’s hippest salons, as well as being at the 5-star Kokomo. She was also chosen out of hundreds of applicants to be one of only 20 in the New Zealand L’Oreal Professional ID Creative Team, and has entered in the L’Oreal Professional Colour Trophy being awarded this month.

Yay, Flossie had done it again!

Watch my colour journey and spectacular transformation with Sophia here, plusread her 5 Top Tips for Getting Creative Colour this Winter (and why it’s better than getting the chop!), below:



There’s no better time than now to go creative in your hair colour. It’s became as mainstream as it’ll ever be, and I chatted with Sophia and she concurs, adding that colour is far easier decision, and less of a commitment than going for a bold cut. She says if you’re looking for inspo, the best place to go is Instagram, and to especially look at Fashion Week pics from around the world. She says it’s where she gets up with the latest hair looks and we should too.

mr-hSophia says, “I love doing the new trend of unnatural colours. It’s fun and easy to change your colour. It’s not like you chop your hair off and can’t stick it back on!”

She adds that her most famous ‘do at her über trendy Camden hair salon in London, where she was for five years prior to Kokomo, was that of Brit muso Mr. Hudson (pictured right).

Our absolute fave stylist for creative colour is Guy Tang (pictured below), who is showcasing his talents in New Zealand this June (tix here). If he can’t inspire you to get your colour on, no one will:


Sophia said in coming to New Zealand, where she has been for a year, she wanted to find “something a bit different” and Kokomo was it. 

“It has a lot more character about it than other places. We’ve all got our own personalities and quirks here. A lot of people think it’s a bar until they come in.”

Colourwise, Sophia is a specialist in blondes, silvers, greys, lilacs and blues, and she loves doing very on trend colours like copper and changing up red hair.



We asked colour expert Sophia to give us advice on what questions should they ask their colourist as you embark on the journey of creative colour:

  1. The colourist needs to ask about your hair routine and hair history, not just what it looks like when you go in. Because if you want to go blue it may have been dark blonde before, or black, it may be damaged and your colourist needs to know before they put a strong chemical process on it. If they don’t ask, tell them – or politely decline to continue with them.
  2. It’s good to trust your hairdresser but it’s important to go to someone confident in colouring because not everyone is good at everything in hairdressing. We all have our niche!
  3. I think it’s good to have an idea what you want but be open to the fact the hairdressers knows what they’re talking about. It’s good to understand that you’re hopefully talking to a professional and they should know what’s best for your hair. 
  4. Make sure you’re going to a place that has a reputation for creative colour because every salon has a speciality. Don’t go to a salon that does long natural hair blow outs, look for a salon known for its colour. Look on a salon’s Instagram to gauge what they specialise in and which hairdresser does what. This is Kokomo’s Instagram.
  5. Being bold and adventurous with your colour is an easier way of changing your hair than a full on creative cut. You can be creative in the colour and be adventurous without losing any length.


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