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If your handbag has turned into a black hole where lipsticks, car keys and cell phones seem to disappear into the abyss then it’s time to take action.

I’ve recently given my favourite Briarwood handbag (above) a much-needed makeover and I’m loving not only being able to find my phone but also knowing I’m prepared (once a girl guide always a girl guide right?) no matter what the day throws at me.

So if you’re guilty of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders (literally) then it’s time to clear the clutter once and for all.

It may not be fun but you’ll thank me once you’re done (at least your shoulders will thank me). First up you’ll need to dump and run (not literally of course). Tip all the contents of your bag onto the floor or a table and sort the essentials to one side. Now when I say essentials I mean essentials. 10 lipsticks aren’t essential – truly!

Take five minutes to work out what needs to be in your bag and what you always find yourself wishing you had.


in my handbag

1.     Fancy tooth picks: Carrying these cute little tools mean that I no longer get caught with pesto in my teeth – or worse, have to resort to using one of my business cards to try and dig it out.

2.     Wipes: Any self-respecting mum knows the value of a carrying a pack of wipes at all times.

3.     Keys: Goes without saying these are pretty damn essential.

4.     NotepadFor when those moments of genius arise.

5.     Hair tiesA girl can never have too many pretty hair ties – besides they’re hardly going to weigh your bag down right?.

6.     Perfume: A mini fragrance is always a good idea!

7.     VogueThis one doesn’t really need any explaining.

8.     Pen: Okay most of my note taking happens on my phone these days but I’m sentimentally attached to this pen and it does come in handy.

9.     SunglassesI love a great pair of sunnies and have just fallen back in love with my aviators again.

10.     Rexona Clinical ProtectionI never leave home without a reliable antiperspirant – there’s nothing worse than getting caught short. Rexona Clinical Protection gives me the confidence to know that I’m covered all day long. It keeps me feeling fresh and odour free – no matter how busy I am.

11.     FoundationA compact foundation is perfect for touch-ups on the run.

12.     WalletMy wallet is small but perfectly formed which makes it virtually impossible to carry around too much clutter.

13.     Clear glossA clear gloss is great for giving you a well-groomed look without the impact of colour.

14.     iPhone: I’m in love with my new iPhone 6 – always knew bigger was better.

15.     Lip gloss: A great everyday lipstick shade is often all you ever need.

16.     Hand creamHand cream is a great multi-purpose product worth stashing in your bag. Use it on your legs to prevent static electricity, on your face (in a pinch) and to soothe and calm your senses (if it contains essential oils like mine).

17.     WaterMy New Year’s Resolution is to stay hydrated – so far so good.

18.     Headphones: These make it easy (and polite) for me to turn up the volume on my favourite tunes in public or catch a sneaky onDemand episode of one of my favourite TV shows on the go.

19.     Mighty Purse: This purse has super powers. It actually charges my phone when I’m out and about. See I told you it had super powers.

20.     Bobby pinsBecause I never know when I’ll need to need to pull a McGwver and pick a lock I always carry a few bobby pins. I hit my hairdresser up for industrial strength ones and they are the bomb dot com.

Did I miss anything? What do you always carry in your handbag? Tell us in the comments below!

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