If you want a Pinterest-worthy pad but don’t have the cash to splash then keep reading. I’ve just given my son’s room a major makeover using my Gem Visa and not only did I stick to my budget (okay I went over by $7 but who’s counting) but I don’t have to pay a cent for six months. Yep Gem Visa offers you 0% interest for six months on all purchases over $250 and up to 55 days interest free on all purchases under $250*.

Of course, the key to not paying any interest is paying your card off within that six month window. It’s a little like getting an interest-free loan. So with that in mind I headed to Kmart to start shopping.






Above: The final touch was adding cute wall decals I had left over from another project.





SHOPPING: 1. Ampersand Light, $15;  2. Sansevieria plant, $27;  3. White dipped stool, $29;  4. White Dipped Basket, $15;  5. Cloud Cushion, $8;  6. Flask vase, $5;  7. Duvet set, $27;  8. Triangle Shelf, $10;  9. White desk, $39;  10. White Desk lamp, $25; 11. Velvet cushion, $12;  12. Ladder Bookshelf, $45; 

TOTAL COST: $257. I only have to pay $42.83 per month (plus fees) for 6 months and I will have paid off the balance during the interest free period*



Above: White furniture helps to make this small room appear larger.


Making over my son’s room was a whole lot easier with Gem Visa’s six month interest free period.* So if you have a project that you’d rather not wait to get started then get yourself a Gem Visa now – you can apply online quickly and easily. For more information and to apply now visit  

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Thanks to Gem Visa for sponsoring this post.        


*Credit and Lending criteria, $55 establishment fee and $52 annual account fee apply. Prevailing interest rate (currently 25.45% p.a.) applies after 6 months. Gem Visa is provided by Latitude Financial Services.