The One Thing You Never Knew About Your Favourite Beauty Products

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We all know we shouldn’t use beauty products past their expiry dates but did you know there’s a really easy way to tell when it’s time to say goodbye? There’s a little icon that’s on many of your beauty products that tells you exactly how long the product will last for. It looks like a teeny tiny open pot marked with the number of usable months and guess what? It’s been hiding there for years.

Okay you may need a magnifying glass to see it sometimes but it’s a really useful way of finding out how long you should hang on to your products before replacing them. I grabbed a few of my faves to test the theory and sure enough the little icon was found on most of them reminding me it’s time to replace a few of my go to products – eek!

Take a look below to see what I found.


Above: Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer will last for 24 months. 




Above: Original Mineral’s Gold Smoothing Balm is good for 12 months (and the little bunny means it’s not tested on animals). 




Above: Not surprisingly, Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara is only good for 6 months which is the recommended time to hang on to all mascaras.