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For most of us, strutting our stuff on a runway would be scary enough, let along doing it in our underwear. But for Jockey ambassador Nikki Phillips it’s nothing short of exciting. We spoke exclusively with the Kiwi model and wife of singing sensation Dane Rumble earlier today before she joins the All Blacks on the runway at New Zealand Fashion Week this afternoon.

“I’m not nervous at all I’m just really excited,” says Nikki about modelling lingerie for Jockey in this afternoon’s show.

“It’s been about four of five years since I walked a catwalk so I’m totally excited. I usually sit in the front row of fashion shows and find myself moving my shoulders as if I’m strutting down the runway with the models – I just can’t help it,” she laughs.

While 30-year-old, Sydney-based Nikki is a seasoned pro in the modelling world she admits that it’s definitely a lot harder modeling lingerie than regular fashion.

“The moment I heard I was going to be modeling on the runway alongside the All Blacks I immediately upped my ab crunches and squats – definitely!

“I’m a huge fitness junkie so I’m lucky. I don’t really watch what I eat or train to keep this body I do it because I love to train. I have a personal trainer twice a week back in Sydney but I’m a real outdoorsy kind of girl so I just love being active.”

In today’s show Nikki will be wearing a typical Jockey athletic outfit and two sets from Jockey’s new Parisienne collection.

Asked if she follows a strict diet to keep her amazing body in check Nikki laughs and says: “I’m a vegetarian and I could lie and tell you I have a perfect diet but I’m a terrible chocaholic and I love my red wine so for me it’s all about everything in moderation. If you keep it that way you don’t crave things and overeat.”

Nikki Phillips in Jockey Parisienne Vintage Set, Pink

Above: Nikki wearing lingerie from Jockey’s new Parisienne collection.


Despite being married to a hot musician and leading a glamorous jet-setting lifestyle Nikki admits she’s going to be totally star struck meeting the All Blacks today.

“I can’t wait to meet them all – in fact, I’m sure there will be a lot of jealous women out there who would love to be in my shoes today.”

While most women would be thrilled to meet the All Blacks we’re not sure how many would have the courage to strut their stuff on the runway in their lingerie. But we’re glad Nikki is up for the challenge and so is she.

“I was so honored that Jockey wanted me to be their ambassador. I’m the first Australia/New Zealand ambassador for Jockey which is really exciting.”

Nikki may be drop dead gorgeous and spend her days being primped and preened by some of the best in the business but she admits she’s a fairly laid back girl at heart.

“I don’t take myself too seriously. I’m just a real Kiwi girl. I love hanging around at home in my trackies with no makeup on – I’m a real plain Jane when it comes to beauty. My motto is less is more really. I like to keep everything really simple and I only use natural and organic products.”

Asked what her rock star hubby, who is currently back in Sydney “babysitting” their pair’s dogs, thinks about her relaxed attitude to life she laughs and says: “He’s the type of man who says I’m even more beautiful when I’m just at home in my trackies with no makeup on. That’s why I snapped him up and married him.”



We have five gorgeous new season lace Parisienne sets from Jockey to give away to five lucky Insiders (see pic below).

To enter to win simply tell us in the comments below why you’d like to win and click HERE to officially enter. Everyone who has commented and entered will automatically be in the draw to win.

Winners will be drawn and announced here next Tuesday 9 September.

Good luck!

Nikki Phillips in Jockey Parisienne Lace Set, Black

Above: Nikki wearing lingerie from Jockey’s new Parisienne collection.




Main image from Nikki Phillips via Styled By Phillips Blog