NIKE She Runs Training – Week 4

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This week I kind of lost my running mojo. I had a really busy week and struggled to find the time to go for a run. But if I’m really honest I would have found the time if only I’d scheduled it in to my diary. I mean I book everything else into my diary so I don’t know why I don’t lock my workouts in too. Anyway, I did squeeze one run in and when I went online to log it into the website  I not only found out that this run had been my fastest 5km to date but my overall performance wasn’t looking too shabby either.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.49.35 AM

Seeing how well I rated compared to women my age and the Nike community was a huge shot in the arm for me. So just when I was feeling down on myself for not putting in enough effort I realised I’d actually done better than I thought. This is why I’m addicted to my Nike+ GPS SportWatch. It’s so satisfying to be able to see exactly how far you travel and how many calories you burn. It’s almost like it makes it official in a funny kind of way.

Just before I sat down to write this post I thought I’d whip out for a power walk. I wasn’t feel overly energetic but felt like I needed to do something. I almost didn’t bother tracking the walk on my Nike+ SportWatch but decided to pop it on and see what the stats looked like anyway. WELL even though it took me an extra 23 minutes more than when I run that same route I still actually burnt 448 calories in the process! Not bad hey?

These are my stats to date and given that I was pretty unfit when I started out on this training regime I’m pretty chuffed with where I’m at right now.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.50.48 AM

Now I know the Sydney She Runs The Night Event is only a few weeks away now (May 4) but I reckon by then I’ll have clocked up enough k’s to give the 10km event a decent nudge. Especially now I’ve booked my runs into my diary!


Above: Britomart’s Nike + running group.