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When More FM’s Nicki Sunderland asked me to do a regular gig on her show I thought it was only fair I enlist her help to road-test some of the amazing beauty products that arrive daily at Style Insider HQ. The great thing about Nicki, as I’m sure you’ll know if you’ve heard her on the radio, is she pulls no punches. It’s this no-nonsense approach that makes Nicki the perfect person to trial new products.




Pure Fiji Anti-Aging Booster Dilo Oil

PRICE: $65

Pure Fiji’s Dilo Anti-Aging Booster Oil is a traditional topical aid that has been used in the tropical isles of Fiji for centuries.  Naturally nourishing and intensively hydrating, this herbaceous nutty flavoured oil will also smooth your wrinkles and realign your dermis and epidermis cells to protect your skin from free radical damage.
Pure Fiji’s Dilo Anti-Aging Booster Oil promotes the growth of healthier, younger looking skin with absolutely no added chemicals or fillers.  Pure Fiji’s Dilo Anti-Aging Booster Oil is purely one ingredient; the natural wild-crafted oil from the Dilo nut – one of nature’s little miracles!

Use a couple of drops on your face after cleansing, or mix a drop into your moisturiser before applying to your face.



Packaging:  Unike other face oils I’ve used, this one doesn’t come in a brown bottle. It looks a little more exclusive and has the look of a serum. I love that it has a pump and not a stopper – so much easier to use.

The feel: Rich, dense and full of goodness – it soaks in to my neck area really well.

The smell: Slightly nutty, slighty woody with no real fragrance. It’s what it claims to be – harvested direct from the ‘tree of a thousand virtues’ the sacred Dilo Tree found on Fiji’s white sand beaches.

Pros: We’re in essential fatty acid territory here for sure – I’ve been slathering it on before bed and my skin definitely feels more nourished. I am the face oil queen so I’m not afraid of a bit of an oil slick on my face. It’s cold pressed 100 percent Dilo Oil and nothing else – so it’s a very virtuous feeling smoothing it on.

Cons: I would have liked a sweeter smell to be honest, maybe a bit of rosehip or lavender to soften it. I know it’s supposed to be oily, but it is definitely thicker than others I have tried so I’d only apply it at night.


Nicki Sunderland and Leonie Barlow on the job at More FM.