When I was growing up my mother’s best friend was an Avon lady and it was always especially exciting for me when she visited because she’d arrive armed with a slew of testers and almost finished products to gift to me. I had perfume bottles with a few squirts of fragrance left in the bottom, lipsticks with flattened bullets and a myriad of pretty compacts all lined-up on my bedside table to admire as I dropped off to sleep at night. Having a stash of my own beauty products was a dream come true for five-year-old me and that is where my love of beauty really began. Fast forward many years and I find myself sitting at a lunchtime media launch to celebrate Avon’s 130th year in business and to find out how this heritage brand has gone from “ding dong” the brand’s original tag line to “dot com” a play on the fact that Avon is now also sold online. 

Over an intimate lunch I discovered there is a staggering 33,000 Avon sales representatives working across Australia and New Zealand. If you’re too young to remember Avon, then it’s a huge US-based cosmetic company that sells its products through representatives. These “Avon Ladies” would visit you in your home armed with a slew of products for you to sample. It turns out Avon ladies still exist but nowadays many sell and represent the brand online and that’s where the ding dong has become dot com. 

And if you thought Avon was aimed at a more “mature” market then you might be surprised to know that next month the brand is launching a super cool new collection aimed at a much younger market. From what I saw at yesterday’s launch it looks amazing and is not only great quality but super affordable too. Winning! And I must say my ears pricked up when I heard that some of the current day Avon ladies are earning up to six figures selling Avon! Yes you read that right . . . SIX FIGURES! 



Above: 1. Avon True Color CC Cream, $19.99;  2. Avon Eyeliner, $17.99 and Avon Matte Lipstick, $14.49