What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Brows Tattooed + Win!

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Brow Feather Touch tattooing is the talk of the town and as it should be! This technique is possibly the most revolutionary beauty treatment you could gift yourself this year.

With spring and summer around the corner, now’s the perfect time to get it. Like every tattoo, you need to protect the healing skin from sun damage, and because you need two, and sometimes three treatments spaced around a month apart, you’ll want to get this done in September so you’re ready to hit the beach this summer.

I was tattooed in July and August and am beyond thrilled with my results. Here’s my story:

But before I underwent brow feathering , I had a whole lot of questions I needed answered and now that I’ve completed my treatment, I have answered them here for you too.

feather touch

bladeThe feather tattoo technique involves using a microblade (pictured right), which is a blade made up of around 10 (tiny) microblades, and is applied manually by the brow artist to deposit pigments into the epidermis (Source). The multi-blade process enables very fine strokes that look like your real, fine brow hairs.

Your artist will apply a numbing cream on the brow one hour before the treatment so depending on your sensitivity and physiology, the feathering should be relatively pain-free. But, I’ll be honest, I experienced a small amount of discomfort but nothing we can’t handle (and some of you have had babies, so you are sweeeeeeet!!!). It’s over soon enough and you’ll have brows on fleek 24/7!
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Short answer is yes, it really, really can go wrong. Just look at this:


I did a quick Google search and there were some truly cringeworthy brow disasters, but there were some like the ones above that are just a little or a lot wrong, but still not good enough for us gals. Worst of all, I found five places in New Zealand on the bad brow feathering list. As in really bad!

So do your research before you go under the blade and definitely go to tried and tested salons with brow artists you know have credible training behind them.

rebecca-daweMy artist Rebecca Dawe from H&Co. (pictured right) and I booked my session through the Flossie app because it offers a tried and tested service. Rebecca was trained by the Rebecca Hutchinson at Lash Noir, who has set the benchmark for excellence in the brow feather touch treatment in New Zealand. Rebecca Dawe has also added to her qualifications by completing globally recognised accreditation with Advanced Aesthetics International. This means she thoroughly understands the intricate structure, and anatomy and physiology of the face and brow bones, and the multitude of blood vessels and muscles as well as sensitive skin around the eyes. Ask your brow artist about their training and ask to see plenty of examples of their work.

feather touch (3)

COLOUR & TONE – Rebecca and I talked about colour and tone before the procedure. She placed some colour between my brows for us to look at, and once we agreed the colour and tone, she began. At the second procedure we darkened the colour up a level. She says this is partly because it can be a shock when it’s first done to wake up with bold brows, so it’s easy to bring in the colour over a couple of treatments. Remember, you can’t fix up dark!

caraSHAPE – Chat to your artist before your appointment about what would work for both of you. I went to my first treatment with my brows pencilled in to show Rebecca what shape and colour I preferred. Make sure your brow artist marks out the shape before they begin the fathering process and shows you so you’re both happy. Do not let your brow artist dive in without consulting you along the way because once it’s done, it’s done. And domake sure they tidy up by plucking the excess hairs around the brows.

PATCHINESS – After the first and even sometimes the second treatment the brow feathering may be patchy, and this is totally normal depending on how your skin takes to the pigment. But definitely after a third treatment you should have even and natural-looking brows. If they’re not, ask for a repeat treatment until it’s complete, or go elsewhere.

TOO FEW STROKES – You don’t want to look like a kid’s drawing so make sure your artists does plenty of strokes and pays attention to detail throughout the two or three treatments.

BLOCK COLOUR – Brows are not meant to be blocked in with full colour. Ideally, the brow feather technique mimics the fine hair of the brows. So definitely do your research about the style your brow feathering artists uses before you commit to treatment.

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If the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and todays have taught us anything it’s that brow trends change!

brows through the decades

jenniferToday, we’re all crushing on Cara Delevigne‘s brows. So just for LOLs, here’s Elle‘s take on 11 celebs sporting Cara’s brows (pictured right) to remind us that not all trends are for all of us.

And that’s the genius of the brow feather touch treatment because it’s semi-permanent it will only last from 18-months to two years. So once the trend goes back to the ’90s pencil thin brows with the crazy arch (God, please no!!!!), you’ll be ready. But don’t, OK… please, please just don’t….




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