Witchery’s newest style ambassador Natalie Cantell tells us how she became one of the most sought after street-stylers in the world.

How do you describe your fashion style?
Probably a little bipolar, how I dress is really dependent on where I am in the world. I feel like a different person in Sydney versus when I’m in New York or Stockholm or Nice, I love to dress for the city I’m in. I’m much more of a grown up when I’m in the northern hemisphere and make bolder choices, in Bondi I still get to wear a bikini instead of underwear most days.

Describe a typical day in your life?
There isn’t really such a thing, I’m so lucky to travel all the time but shooting makes it impossible to have much of a routine. I try and create some sense of normalcy wherever I am, I’ve recently got to the point where I’ll take any yoga class, any style, whatever language it’s in, I just find one and go. I like to wake up early and start my day with exercise and a swim in the ocean if that’s possible, and getting through emails. I’m a lazy creature at heart, so I have to get as much done in the morning as possible – I’ll always have a cafe I go to that becomes my local, I’ll just sit and drink coffee until my inbox is clear.

What are you loving (wearing) from Witchery at the moment?
The Quilted Leather Biker Jacket is a staple, it had me from the moment I laid eyes on it. Witchery makes such beautiful leather garments, this jacket should be in everyone’s wardrobe. mac5

Above: Witchery leather biker jacket.

What’s on your fashion shopping list right now?
Lonely Hearts lingerie and any and all of the AW wool cashmeres and leather joggers from the ‘New World Muse’ collection featuring the stunning Arizona Muse.

What’s the once piece in your wardrobe that gets worn the most and why?
I have a pair of black leather Helmut Lang pants that I wear like denim, they work with everything.

What’s your secret to looking stylish?
Great sunglasses and clothes that fit you well. It’s always worth getting things tailored so they fit you perfectly.

Your favourite fashion accessories and why?
My latest obsession is a website called that curates and sells the most amazing collection of vintage designer jewellery.

Your favourite fashion icons and why?
Bianca Jagger in her white YSL suit. Anna Karina (below), the ultimate ‘60s Parisienne dream girl. James Dean in his horn-rimmed glasses. I’m crazy about watching old movies, any love interest of Steve McQueen has been an inspiration of mine.



Your favourite fashion blogs? Every now and again I’ll binge on street style, particularly if I’m putting together moodboards – Streetpeeper, Jak & Jil, Facehunter, Le 21ème.


Your can’t live without beauty products? I’m a huge fan of natural oils for my hair and skin, I love Miranda Kerr’s Kora rosehip oil. Butter Elixr and RMS raw coconut cream are essentials. I have a secret love affair with French pharmacies, Bioderma Crealine H20 is an industry staple, and I apply Le Roche-Posey Antelios sunscreen religiously. Recently I’ve been adding a drop of Dr Haushka’s Translucent Bronze Concentrate to give my face warm glow without any make-up. I always have Chanel Rouge Coco Shine for my lips, and Lucas’ Pawpaw helps my skin survive all the time I spend on planes. I tint my eyelashes so I can be mascara-free, there are too many impromptu swims in Sydney over summer to be worrying about make-up. I love the Holistic Hair shampoos and conditioners, they’re organic, made in New Zealand and smell amazing.