My fave flu-fighting tips

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Above: Red Beet crystals.



My call for help has been answered. On Monday I was fighting off the flu and trying to get better in time to run the 10K Nike She Runs The Night event this Saturday in Sydney.

Thanks to everyone who shared their fab flu-fighting tips here and for the team at Red Seal who prescribed the perfect plan to get me back on track.

I didn’t even have to leave the house when this fab care package arrived from Red Seal.


Above: My flu-fighting gift from Red Seal.



Start with charcoal – take 6 and then start with the other supplements 2 hours later.

The charcoal will help absorb the toxins in your system but you must take it separately to anything else as it will absorb the goodies with the badies!

Take 2 Olive Leaf capsules 3 x per day along with the Vitamin C & Echinacea.

Supplement with Garlic, Echinacea, Vitamin C & Zinc capsules.

Dissolve Red Beet Crystals in water and drink. They are good for athletes and contain loads of anti-oxidants.



Well I’m not only feeling the love thanks to all your helpful tips but I’m also feeling a whole lot better too. And I’ve found a new favourite drink – Red Beet Crystals. I’ve been mixing the crystals in water and they make the most amazing tasting beetroot drink – packed full of goodness. I’ll definitely be keeping a jar of these healing crystal on hand. A lot of you also suggested Olive Leaf (which I hadn’t really heard much about before) but I’ve been taking these too and I’m sure they’ve also helped to take the edge off.



Thanks so much to everyone who emailed and left messages here and on Facebook. Your tips for fighting off a bug are great. With winter just around the corner I thought I’d share all your great advice here.

Here’s what you suggested:

Kelsey Feisst
Apple cider in hot drinks is really good.

Olivia Wallbank
Oh no poor thing! REST REST REST is the only thing that will speed up the process, so get in bed! hehe.

Genelle Cross
When sick I juice apple, pineapple and ginger then blend it up with frozen blueberries with heaps of raw spinach. Works for me:)

Lorena Pollock
Lemon and honey drinks are wonderful, keep up with fluids and plenty of rest. Hope it passes quickly take care.

Celeste Wills
Clinicians high dose Vitamin C powder from health shop or chemist works really well, I swear by it when I’m feeling a cold coming on.

Tracey King
High dose Vitamin C and lots of good quality polyphenols (olive leaf extract, grape seed extract, quercetin, resveratrol etc)…all available from chemists

Jenni Stringleman
Olive leaf, olive leaf, olive leaf!!

Sherri Hughes
I agree, high dose vitamin C. But try to get the flavoured one, the unflavoured type tastes horrible, even masked with juice!

Victoria Riddell
Bee pollen – had a cold last week took NatureBee three times a day for two days – gone! 🙂

Tanya Honore
Deer velvet pills! Deer Velvet NZ Ltd, get the sports grade and take two in the morning and two at night. Magic!

Miriam Woon
Lots of steam and honey and ginger hot drinks.

Vanessa Anderson
High dose Vitamin C – take 500mg every hour – my brother is a competitive road cyclist and swears by this – I have been dosing up every time I feel a cold coming on and within 48 hours all symptoms are gone. Works a treat!

Lisa Mainwaring
Get some Nurofen Cold and Flu (I know but needs must ) three quilts – loads of honey and hot lemon, some sore throat spray by Weleda – will check which one when home and an eye mask and hop into bed and don’t move for a day. Eat bananas for energy.

Mary O’Donnell
Flu vaccine for prevention. But for now plenty of fluids, pain relief and rest. Some say Vit C in doses to cause bowel tolerance also helps. Exercise with viral illness is probably not a good idea though.

Anna Caselberg
The best and fastest cure is Rest! …. sorry but it’s true ! Ginger and lemon/honey drinks are great to sip while you rest!

Caroline Steele
Well Leonie someone told me once to rub Vicks onto the soles of your feet, put socks on and go to bed. Not sure if it works but might be worth a try? Good luck for Saturday!

Janelle Fletcher
Wrapped up garlic in the socks is also a great remedy. Stinks out everything though but hey, so does Vicks.

Marie Eade
Raw Garlic but ill tell you lemsip drinks might be the trick! Good luck xx.


Thanks for caring everyone – I’m sure feeling the love – not to mention a whole lot better!