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Above: Time for a beauty blitz at Caci.



I’ve just signed up to a 12 month beauty bootcamp at Caci and I’m SO excited. I’d seen the videos online and wanted to find out more about this cool beauty program that promises to completely transform your skin and turn back time. I’m up for anything that will help slow down the ageing process and after leaving Auckland’s High Street Caci clinic after my intial consultation I felt relieved that I actually had a plan of attack for my skin. I’ve always used good skincare products and really looked after my skin but despite this too much sun exposure over the years has a way of rearing it’s “ugly” head again and again. But there are ways to prevent this damage appearing as pigmentation and fine lines and to protect your skin from further damage.

The Caci team recommended the Reformaskin program for me. Which is basically a 12-month treatment plan that includes a regular course of anti-ageing facials (these facials include microdermabrasion and alpha-hydroxy acid peels) – these are the heavy-hitting anti-ageing type facials that really give you obvious results. It’s a bit like a regular workout for my skin.

What I especially like about the Reformaskin program is that if I commit to it for a year I will see results (who doesn’t like the sound of that?). I’ve always enjoyed getting a facial but they tend to be so irregular that my skin doesn’t really gain any long term benefits. So they end up being a relaxing experience (which is also good) but they don’t do anything in terms of hard-hitting anti-ageing and I really like seeing results.

My first Reformaskin facial was a combo of microdermabrasion and glycolic peel – which sounds nasty but is in fact totally painless. Microdermabrasion is like a heavy duty exfoliation treatment that removes layers of dead skin cells which cause dull, dry skin and clogged pores. These dead skin cells also prevent your skincare products actually penetrating your skin – so bascially they can’t do what they are supposed to do. Then a glycolic peel was applied to my face and neck to remove the upper layer of pigmentation and obvious sun damage. It tingles a little bit but I do like this feeling because it feels like it’s actually doing something. My skin looked positively glowing when I left the clinic.

I’ve also been using some fab Murad products that were recommended by the Caci team and they’re really working to improve the look and feel of my skin. These products are anti-ageing game changers. They contain active ingredients which help to prep your skin for future treatments while also giving great daily results.

Caci also offers an easy payment plan so instead of being faced with a hefty bill at the end of each treatment you can pay small monthly installments over the course of the year – I like this a lot!

So I’d love you to join me on my beauty bootcamp. We’re going to have cool giveaways on offer because I love you guys getting to experience some of the cool stuff that I do. I’d also love you to fire away and ask any beauty related questions in the comments area below. The professional team at Caci will be on hand to answer these for you. So it’s like having an appointment at Caci without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Pretty cool huh? You can even email me pics of your skin and the team will assess it for you and make personal recommendations.

So let’s blitz our beauty together!

This is the video that stirred me in to action. Take a look below.


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