My Moment Of Magic

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I had a real lightbulb moment this week and wanted to share it with you.

You know those moments when something you hear just resonates with you and kinda flicks an internal switch?

Well yesterday I attended the beautiful Kagi Jewellery new season launch at the French Kitchen (which is a gorgeous room in the garden of Auckland’s award winning restaurant The French Cafe.

As part of the presentation motivational speaker and life coach Tracy Manu shared some really important tips on feeling happy and it was a really well-timed reminder for me.

Her key message was:  What you think, and you speak, you become.

So if we’re always talking about how busy and stressed we are we’ll (you guessed it) always be busy and stressed.

That’s why to be happy we need to delete any negative talk from our vocab.

That leads me on to Tracy’s second key message: Give yourself a moment of bliss.

How often do you stop and smell the roses?

I have an amazing life but I’m always “busy” thinking and planning my next move that I often forget to enjoy the moment. Can you relate?

Tracy talked about how important it is to be more present and more in touch with ourselves and not to forget to live in the now.

For most women we are trying to wear so many different hats and get through so much in a day we forget to stop and appreciate the stuff we have already achieved and the stuff that truly makes us happy.

So our homework this week is to give ourselves a moment of bliss each day. It might be something as simple as taking time to appreciate some pretty flowers or light a gorgeous candle. 

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you stop for long enough to just enjoy the moment.

The real take home for me was when Tracy said: The present is where the magic happens!

Let’s all create some more magic in our lives and take time out to be happy.

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Leonie x