I’ve just converted our un-used dining room into a fab new living space and wanted to share a few of the tips and tricks I learned along the way. I love a good makeover and decided to create a video of the entire process. So if you want to see the before and after and how I transformed the room from drab to fab then take a look at my short video below.



As much as I’d love to sit down to eat as a family each night, our busy schedules mean this rarely happens. Instead we all tend to eat on the run at the kitchen bench. So I decided to take the plunge and turn our dining room into another lounge room. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but have been put off because I knew changing the 10-year-old floorboards in that room was essential. Those boards were never going to work with the minimalist aesthetic I was going of and because they were Quickstep boards (read super strong) they were never going to wear out. I had considered painting the floor but had visions of it going horribly wrong, leaving me worse of than when I started.


Above: The original flooring no longer fitted my simpler aesthetic.

Above: This room seemed to be a waste of space given that we rarely used it for dining.

Above: The original flooring also made the space looker smaller than it actually was.


Changing the flooring has had the biggest impact in changing the entire look and feel of the room. The lighter floor boards have completely transformed the entire room and they’ve also made it look significantly bigger too. The team at Carpet Court have done all of the flooring in our home over the years (including our carpet) so I decided to get their help with this job too. I wasn’t sure if I wanted vinyl planks or if I wanted real wood but after a lengthy consultation it was advised that the best choice for the room was the Quickstep planks. The great thing about them is that they don’t scratch, they come in a gorgeous range of colours, are waterproof and they don’t fade in the sun. Given our room gets a lot of sun I didn’t want the floor to fade in some areas and not others. Since our last Quickstep flooring was installed 10-years-ago technology has seen these floors improve ten fold too. Firstly, the longer, wider planks make them look more modern and the extra thick underlay makes the room far more sound proof and reduces any echoing. The plank I chose was from the Quickstep Majestic range and the colour is called Valley Oak Light Beige. Just remember a lighter colour will make your room appear larger and darker colours tend to close a room in – definitely worth keeping in mind when choosing flooring. Also be sure to spend a couple of days with different samples of the flooring in your home so you can see what it looks like against your furniture and in different light.


In case you hadn’t noticed the home ware at The Warehouse is super cool these days. The three seater couch I nabbed was only $299 and given that it’s so modern and simple it’s actually hard to tell it was such a bargain. The coffee table was only $70 and it even has two drawers and is made of genuine wood. The hardest part was putting it together – it came as a kit set! Some of the cushions I choose were as little as $12 each which is great given I like changing my cushions on a fairly regular basis. I also tried to choose cushions that were textured to add some interest to the room without incorporating too many colours. The fluffy rug from NOOD also helps to give the room a cosiness that it may not have had otherwise. 


I was really keen to create a small gallery of art on the tiny wall available in the room and was super excited when I discovered Papier HQ – a website featuring some stunning, not to mention, affordable art. The other great service offered by Papier HQ is their gallery walls. So basically they have put together stylish gallery walls with artworks that work perfectly together. You can see them all styled beautiful on the website which takes the guess work out of choosing individual prints and hoping they will all work together. 

Above: The new Quickstep flooring has given the room a more modern look and feel.

Above: My Papier HQ gallery wall makes a style statement in my new lounge room.

Above: The Warehouse couch and coffee table and not only bang-on-trend but super affordable. 

Above: The flooring is the most important part of any room transformation.

Above: The lighter flooring has made our kitchen appear larger.

Above: I love how this NOOD rug adds a little softness to the room.