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MAC’s world famous makeup artist Amber D shares her best new-season makeup tips.



What is the one beauty trend/product we all need on our face right now?
We all definitely need to be trying to achieve the refinement in our skincare and foundation applications that we have been seeing so much of at the international shows.  Less weight of product but smarter choices. This way we can pair anything with it and it will look modern – especially now that frequent red lip wearing is compulsory! We should all have MAC Face & Body foundation and either Russian red, Lady Danger or Ruby Woo MAC lipstick.

Your favorite new season makeup trend and why?
I love the simplicity of a graphic black eyeliner paired against a super refined base – it’s easy to achieve and doesn’t take ages to do plus it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, a sexy messy line can be cool as well!

Your best beauty tip?
Skincare, primer and all round taking care of your skin – all the things you always hear – drink lots of water, take off your makeup at night, wear an eye cream for day that’s made to be worn under makeup. All of this adds up to a makeup application that will look better than not doing anything! Look after what you have when you have it rather than trying to fix it later…..

Your can’t live without product?
From MAC it’s a tough choice so I’m picking more than one!  Pro Longwear Concealer, Lingering Brow pencil, MAC Lash curler and Extended Play Mascara. I also just can’t live without my Clarisonic – my skin has been troublesome since I was in my early teens and this paired with MAC Cleanse Off Oil & MAC Brightening Serum has totally changed my life. I recommend it to everyone!

Your personal style/fashion mantra?
Invest in quality clothing and accessories and not buying a load of junk.  I highly rate investing in great shoes!

Your style/fashion crush? (model, celebrity etc)
I love the style of Taylor Tomasi Hill, the quality of her accessories and the simplicity of her outfits is really inspiring to me – even if the patterns and shapes are graphic they always look strong and have clean lines.

Your favorite beauty blogs/websites?
I seriously have a problem when it comes to online life – I’m addicted! What would I do without my IPAD? (cry and sit around bored probably!) OBVIOUSLY!!!!

OBVIOUSLY I’m addicted to twitter!

and about a zillion others………………



Image supplied by Amber D