Meet The Super Cool Tea Sisters Storm & India

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You could say these two Auckland-based sisters are creating a real storm in a tea cup. In fact, it’s more of a tornado. The pair, who moved to New Zealand from Australia a few years ago, have just launched a truly divine collection of bespoke organic teas. If you haven’t heard about Storm & India Tea Sisters yet then listen up – these teas are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. Even a die-hard coffee drinker like me can’t escape the exotic allure of these beautiful blends. My new favourite Storm & India creation is Coconut Chai followed very closely by Mountain Cloud.

This dynamic duo has really got it going on and their love of tea is totally infectious. Their teas are designed for anyone looking for a little piece of calm in their lives and there’s a tea blend for all tastebuds too. There are even complexion and detox blends, teas to wake you up and others to relax you and soothe your soul before bedtime. So in an effort to find out more about these divine new teas I recently caught up with the talented tea sisters themselves Storm and India to find out how this beautiful brand started and why it all began in New Zealand.

Above: The iconic Storm & India Tea Sisters tins.

When did you start Storm & India?
We launched about two months ago, but our mum started planning and building the business four years ago and she’s actually the manager of the business too. In 2004, mum co-foundered a pioneering organic baby food company and started growing and blending herbal teas. She sampled teas across the world and discovered blends she’d never tasted before. She always dreamed of creating bespoke teas from small organic tea plantations so she started this dream and named it after us.

Why tea?
Growing up, we had herbal tea for breakfast, fresh fruit tea in summer and home brewed chai soy lattes in winter. It’s no wonder tea has become a daily ritual for us now. And it’s a ritual that heals, uplifts and nourishes. We grew up on a 300-acre organic farm in Tasmania with our two brothers and spent our days in the gardens and orchard, riding our horses or in the kitchen cooking with mum. We developed a passion for holistic living, the delights of home grown and cooked food, and organic farming. Our teas bring peace, calm and joy into your life. They rejuvenate the body and mind and promote good health and wellbeing. We like to think they’re a daily ritual, brewed for the soul.


Above: India (left) and Storm doing what they love the most.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves?
Storm – I’m 23. For two years after school I travelled the world working on Super-Yachts and am now studying (I finish mid next year) a Bachelor of Communications Studies majoring in Public Relations at AUT.  Next year I will continue growing Storm & India Tea Sisters.

India  – I’m 21, after school I worked in hospitality. I completed my personal training certificate and I’m now working and saving to go to university – I want to study nutrition.

What brought you both to New Zealand?
Storm – I moved to Auckland after working overseas. I wanted to keep living away from Australia for as long as possible and after three years here New Zealand is beginning to feel like home!

India – I moved to New Zealand two years ago with our mum and brothers Justice and Blaze.

What do you love most about living in New Zealand?
Storm – The relaxed culture (much like Australia), great food and friendly people.
India – I love the islands and not being scared of running into snakes while bushwalking.

What are your favourite blends of tea and why?
Storm – I drink our three detox blends throughout the day to keep me healthy and support my busy lifestyle and the Siena Spice which is a rooibos chai with almond milk when I feel like something sweet!

India – My favourite blends are Chocolat Elixir or Morning Detox to wake me up. I love Almond Macaron and White Peony as a daytime tea.

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Above: Storm is excited to be taking their beautiful teas to New Zealand this summer.

How many different blends of tea do you sell?
We currently sell 23 different loose leaf blends and have just started selling a range of bespoke tea accessories. We will continue to grow our range over the next few months.

How do you create your tea blends?
We draw inspiration for our blends from travel, culture, fashion, and our favourite raw produce. The health benefits of medicinal herbs based on traditional Chinese medicine philosophy also influence our blending but taste, aroma and quality is always paramount.

Where does your tea come from?
We source our tea and botanicals from the world finest organic plantations. Our black tea comes from India and Sri Lanka, green tea from China and Japan, Peppermint Leaf from Egypt and most other herbals and botanicals from Germany and France.


 Above: Storm & India will be bringing their bespoke blends to you all Summer. Find out about the Tea Sisters Tour here.

What’s the story behind your amazing tea van?
We imported our Retro Rocket van from the United Kingdom in September last year. We had New Zealand architects design and remodel the space to create a haven that’s a mobile tasting bar, takeaway pop-up and beautiful place to buy tea and treats for your home.

Where are you taking the van?
We’ll be taking the Tea Van around New Zealand! Starting off just around Auckland. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook for updates and scheduled events. A calendar will also be available on our website when our plans are finalised.

What’s the ultimate plan for the Retro Rocket?
Depending on what’s going on we’ll either be constantly on the move or may park up in one spot for a few weeks.

What’s the best way to brew the perfect pot/cup of tea?
A perfect pot must start with the best quality tea! So use Storm & India Tea Sisters, follow our brewing instructions on our packaging and voila!

Any tea secrets we need to know about to make the perfect cuppa?
Different varieties of tea need to be brewed at different temperatures. A beautiful green tea or delicate white tea will be burnt if brewed with boiling water leaving if ruined and bitter. Always follow the brewing instructions.

Do you sell Storm & India tea anywhere else besides your website?
We have just started selling our tea at Auckland’s Wilder & Hunt and you can enjoy our blends (or grab a sneaky takeaway cup) at the new Odettes Eatery.


Above: A selection of Storm & India’s delicious blends.

Aside from tea what are you each passionate about?
Storm – I’m passionate about living an active healthy life. My newest hobby is tennis, my tennis outfits are generally better than my game!
India– I love horse riding

Favourite beauty products?
Storm – Organic coconut oil, Eco Tan Winter Skin Moisturiser, Nars Sheer Glow foundation.
India – I love Kora Organic day and night cream for sensitive skin

Can you tell me something we don’t already know about you both?
We are born on the same day but two years apart!

What’s next for Storm & India Tea Sisters?
We would like to develop our brand in Australia and continue creating bespoke organic blends.

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Above: Cup of Storm & India tea anyone?