Meet Our New Fitness Guru Kirsty Godso

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If you need a little “fitspiration”to jump start your new year exercise regime then you’ve come to the right place.

Meet our brand new columnist Kirsty Godso. I’ve talked about Kirsty before on the blog and that’s because she’s not only my biggest fitness inspiration but she’s also an all round great girl.

Just before Christmas Kirsty sent me an amazing Nike Refuel Pack to help me stick to my training over the holidays. The pack contained a personalized training plan, some of Kirsty’s favourite energy snacks and a few new Nike goodies – pretty cool huh?


Above: My Nike Refuel Pack.


I felt SO lucky to be given such great one-on-one support and advice that I decided to ask Kirsty if she could share the love and help you too.

After all, when it comes to getting fit we all need to know we’ve got someone in our corner. Kirsty has been in mine and now she’s here for you too.

To kick start the year Kirsty travelled to Melbourne to meet tennis legend Maria Sharapova and take a group of fitness enthusiasts through Maria’s new workout that is featured on the Nike+ Training Club App.

If you haven’t heard about this app then it may just be the ticket to a fitter, healthier you.

The app lets you choose individual workouts, or select a targeted, structured four-week program to help you get lean, toned or strong. You can customize your workouts, keep track of your results, and celebrate your progress with your friends.

It features more than 100 workouts by Nike Master Trainers that are all videoed and easy to follow. It’s a really cool app and it’s totally free.

So to get started I caught up with Kirsty to find out how she manages to look so amazing and if there is really any hope for the rest of us.


Above: Kirsty kicked of 2014 by working out with tennis great Maria Sharipova.


Why did you go to Melbourne to meet Maria Sharipova?
As a Nike Training Club Master Trainer, I went to Melbourne to take 120 girls through Maria Sharapova’s New Years Crush workout which features on the recently updated Nike+ Training Club App, and was accompanied by Maria herself . . . not sure if we can even call that work?!

What was Maria like?
She was so lovely, incredibly beautiful and very tall! She really got involved with the workout and it was such a great experience for me and the girls that were taking part to work so closely with such a top athlete.

Any insider goss you can share with us about Maria?
Her favourite thing to do in her down time is to be domesticated! I told her not to share that information too loudly as my boyfriend was just around the corner and I wouldn’t say I’m a domesticated dream! Ha ha

Okay if we want a body like yours what would we have to do?
A typical week for me is pretty crazy. It’s important to remember I live on the extreme end of the spectrum as I absolutely adore health and fitness and it makes up a large part of my job. I teach anywhere between 5-8 LES MILLS GRIT™ Workouts at Auckland City Les Mills gym each week. These workouts are 30 minute high-intensity interval training workouts that are designed to rapidly change the shape of your body and take your fitness to another level – you definitely can’t argue with the results you will see in as little as six weeks. On top of that I see my personal trainer once a week (yes I have a trainer too!).  This is one of my favourite hours of the week as we plan out my goals and he pushes me to really challenge my strength and fitness through a variety of weight training exercises.  I do four weight training workouts a week which I absolutely love! On top of this I am addicted to the Nike+ Training Club app . . . addiction is probably an understatement too. I like to add on some of the ‘Get Focussed’ 15 minute workouts to the end of my weight training or interval training sessions for an extra kick. You can get absolutely lost in the huge variety of workouts and incredible selection on the App that offers over 115 workouts put together by top trainers and athletes that range from 15 to 45 minute durations. I like to clock up at least 120 NTC minutes a week. Lastly, I try and get in at least one yoga session a week but recently I have been doing 3-4. It’s important to balance out some of the high-intensity work with some stretching and lengthening too.  Oh and I’m about to start boxing – hopefully I will still have some time for a social life!

Do you have any personal fitness goals you are working towards?
I’m always striving to do better and I’m incredibly competitive with myself. I really like goals that don’t end, rather they’re a healthy habit that I keep working away at so I am continuing on from last years’ goal of continuously increasing the number of chin ups I can do. Right now I’m at 15 unweighted so I have added weighted chin ups back into my training so that I can hopefully hit 20 in the next couple of months!

This month you’re loving?
The beach. After the gym, the beach is my absolute favourite place to be.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 5.11.24 PM

Above: Kirsty enjoying her second favourite place – the beach.


Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 5.09.53 PM

Above: Kirsty sporting her fave new Nike Tech Fleece cape.


This month you’re wearing?
The Nike Tech Fleece Cape, Nike Free TR4 Training shoes and Nike Pro training shorts.

This month you’re eating?
Salmon! Dizengoff and The Food Truck Garage both do it really well.

Any exciting events on the horizon?
Nike She Runs the Night 10km run in Sydney in a few months time – this is always an incredible event where approximately 10,000 women take over the streets of Sydney in a 10km run.


Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 5.13.12 PM

Above: Kirsty digging into her favourite food – salmon salad.

Your advice to help us stay motivated with our own fitness goals this month?
Be committed. Health isn’t always the easiest option or the cheapest one but it’s a great one. Work on the long-term goal idea that actually helps create healthy habits. Once you’ve experienced how it feels when you’re eating and exercising well, it will be hard to turn back. Take care of your body and it will take care of you!

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 5.13.42 PM

Above: Kirsty and Maria Sharipova putting a group of Aussie girls through their paces.


If you have any health and fitness related questions you’d like to ask Kirsty then shoot them through to me at so I can get them answered for you.