It’s safe to say Charlotte Devereux was born in to beauty. The entrepreneurial, go-getter recently co-founded the uber cool beauty brand Girl Undiscovered and she credits her mother with inspiring the dream. Charlotte’s mother, Colyn Devereux started one of New Zealand’s most established premium bath and body companies Les Floralies (now Matakana Botanicals) so it’s hardly surprising that Charlotte would follow in her footsteps.  If you’ve already spied Girl Undiscovered products you’ll see they are not only absolutely gorgeous but the trio who started the bespoke brand describe it as “beyond organic”.

“At every step in our product development around the globe we are right there on the ground, keeping it personal, ethical and sustainable. All our products are grown free from plantation and pesticides.” While Charlotte has been busy growing the business, she has also undertaken another project very close to her heart. After witnessing her mother’s life change drastically at the hands of Alzheimer’s disease she decided to start a blog to raise awareness and explore treatments for Alzheimers and depression. Her blog Beautiful Mind documents her and her mother’s journey towards prevention of these debilitating diseases through exercise, meditation, diet and wellbeing. It’s her mother’s story and her journey and well worth taking a look at.

We recently caught up with Charlotte to find out more about her blog and Girl Undiscovered.  

Above: The beautiful line-up of Girl Undiscovered products.



Who is behind Girl Undiscovered?

There are three of us – my good friends Philly Gebbie and Sara Orme and me. Philly is leading the business, Sara the creative direction and my role is to source our natural ingredients and to work alongside lab scientists to create our gorgeous products.

How did you all meet?

I first met Philly when I was four-years-old. I was hanging upside down from a tree giggling away and it was love at first sight. She was the big sister I never had – I hung onto her every word, and I still do! Sara and Philly met at school over a packet of Mallow Puffs and got into lots of mischief from then on. As you can imagine, the three of us coming together at a later stage in life to create beautiful skincare was truly serendipitous.

Why did you start Girl Undiscovered?

My daughter Jasmin had problem skin and I couldn’t find any natural products that not only worked, but looked beautiful. As I started to do more research I visualised a skincare line that would be loved and shared by daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers everywhere. For me it’s about the ‘undiscovered girl’ in us all.

How long was Girl Undiscovered in the making?

It’s been two years since that original lightbulb moment! We launched Girl Undiscovered six months ago and already GU has a steadily growing and loyal customer base. Our products offer incredible benefits to the skin without us shouting it out. The Stars Aligning Organic Elixir Oil has been hailed as wonderful for fines lines by our fans and when people open the Under the Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water to discover that it contains Rose Quartz and Citrine Crystals, they love it even more!

Why is Girl Undiscovered different to other beauty products?

Our ingredients are 100% wild which goes beyond organic. Our four key ingredients – Thanaka, a skin superfood which is new to the Western world, yet an ancient ritual for women in Myanmar, Virgin Coconut Oil from Bali, Kanuka Honey from Kawau Island and the purest bore water from Matakana – all come from small, local suppliers. They are grown wild without any man-made additives, so we have the finest and most active ingredients. As a brand, we are super green – all of our packaging is designed to be recycled or reused – but it doesn’t look it! Girl Undiscovered skincare is feminine, beautiful and utterly unique.

Can you tell me a little bit about your personal blog and why you started it?

Seven years ago my darling mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 63. Since then, I’ve watched a brilliant business woman, devoted wife and mother and my mentor and best friend, become someone almost unrecognisable. Through the mourning of the mother I once had, I have surprisingly found serenity and healing as one of her carers. My own fear of getting this terrible disease has driven me to seek ways to prevent it and to help others one brain at a time. Everyday there is yet more scientific proof that maintaining good health can change your life course.  Through yoga, meditation, diet, skin and body care there is so much that can be done to help and attain a ‘Beautiful Mind’.

Above: Charlotte and her beautiful mother Colyn. 


What would you like to achieve through your blog?

I would love to help raise awareness of Alzheimer’s and dementia, as it has on the whole been kept very quiet. Both are presently where we were with cancer in the ’50s – and whilst it seems that we are close to a cure, we are still so far away.

How has your mother influenced Girl Undiscovered?

My mother taught me to take a leap of faith, to be daring and to love what you do. I was born into a household where skincare was the family business, so I experienced first-hand my mother making her scented wood shavings and blended oils in the basement of our family home. I am in my happiest place now, leading the formulation process at GU! A lifetime of studying natural ingredients and their effects has enabled me to develop the magical combinations that lie within all of our Girl Undiscovered products.

How long did you own EGG maternity?

Mum and I started EGG 16 years ago when I was pregnant with Jasmin, my first child. When Mum started her decline, I felt terribly sad not having her involved and decided it was time for a change of business direction. However, I will always have a special love for EGG, as it was my first baby and I am still involved in a small way with the gorgeous new owners.

What’s next for Girl Undiscovered?

Most of it’s top secret! But what I can say is that we will be launching three amazing new products very soon to give our loyal customers even more to choose from.


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