Meet The Designer Of Our New Jewellery Crush La Luna Rose

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Pretty jewellery never gets old and discovering a cool new label to love is especially exiting. So when we spied the latest travel-inspired Bon Voyage Collection from La Luna Rose it was love at first sight. Not only did the jewellery speak to us but the story behind how the brand started is super cool too. It all started back in 2011 when founder and designer Rosie Shelton won a TV game show. Since then the entrepreneurial 26-year-old spends her time between New Zealand, Bali and Australia while creating her gorgeous jewellery. We recently caught up with Rosie to find out a bit more about her and to take a closer look at our new fave jewellery brand. 

Above: La Luna Rose use only the best materials that have been ethically sourced and recycled .925 sterling silver.



Above: La Luna Rose designer Rosie Shelton.


Why did you start La Luna Rose? La Luna Rose was born out of a desire to inject more fun into beautiful quality jewellery. Long story short, back in 2011 I went on a game show, won a small amount of money and was looking for a special piece of jewellery to mark such an outrageous life experience. Everything on the market at the time was very serious and ‘normal’ looking, I wanted something unique, something fun that I would look at and remember that memory and how hilarious it was! I was also bored of my job at the time and looking for a new challenge so everything just rolled together nicely. I had recently been on a trip to Bali with some girlfriends and had seen the amazing silversmiths work, not to mention I loved the idea of living in a permament Summer paradise! I saved my arse off for the next six months, packed my bags, sold most of my stuff and headed north to start La Luna Rose Jewellery. Bali has now become one of my homes and I absolutely love the feeling of flying in here. The warmth, the people, the food and the lifestyle are all very aligned with the La Luna Rose brand. We’ll be here for a while I think, I couldn’t think of any better place to launch and grow my brand!

What’s the meaning behind your name La Luna Rose? La Luna Rose literally translates to Moon Rose….Upon deciding to start my own business I was trying to come up with a name that had part of my name in it (Rosie) mixed with something else that I was passionate about. I personally have a fascination with the moon and the effects that it has on us as humans through its various cycles. I also had a goal to be able to speak fluent Spanish by the time I was 30 and La Luna is ‘Moon’ in Spanish. So mixing together my love of the Spanish language, my own name and the ever present Moon…voila, La Luna Rose was born.

Above: A few of our faves from the new Bon Voyage collection.


Above: Pretty charms to mark your favourite milestones.


Above: Pretty charms are the feature of the Bon Voyage collection. 


Where are you based? Right now as I type this, I am based in Bali. However ask me again in three months and I will most likely be in Auckland. Over the past four years I have been based between NZ, Melbourne and Bali, successfully managing to escape four winters and not live in one place for longer than eight months! It’s all been in the name of a desire to travel, escape the cold and the luxury of working online that I don’t need a permanent home base. It definitely has a lot of pro’s but also a number of con’s (like the fact that my life possessions can be packed up into two suitcases!)

How would you describe your own personal style? Very casual! Haha, I think spending so much time in Bali has really ‘beach-fied’ my style. I love colour, all things quirky and mixing patterns on patterns on patterns. Life’s too short to be sensible, I love to have fun with my outfits and mix vintage with Zara with Karen Walker. My favourite brands right now are the bold prints of Mister Zimi and the ever quirky Lazy Oaf.

What’s your favourite piece from the new Bon Voyage collection? I have been wearing my new Everyday Chain with the ‘Eye Wish you were here’ Charm, ‘Just Plane Adventurous’ Charm and ‘To the Moon & Back’ Charm on it every single day since our photoshoot…I can’t get enough of it. The new 23” chain length makes for the perfect necklace to accessorise any outfit with – day or night!

How often do you release a new collection? With our essentials, we will be launching a new charm range every four months, with some pretty cute collabs coming out in between times…. Watch this space!

What’s next for La Luna Rose? Business wise we are just about to sign with an agent in the US so that’s pretty exciting! We’re also planning our Summer back in New Zealand so looking at doing a Pop-Up shop at some stage. But for you guys? Some awesome new fashion accessories that aren’t jewellery. . .  so watch this space!