Meet The Boy Behind The Cool Kiwi Food Blog Baker Gatherer

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If you’re a bit of a sweet tooth like me then you’re going to love Baker Gatherer – this cool Kiwi food blog is guaranteed to make your mouth water at first glance. Baker Gatherer is the brainchild of 29-year-old Kindergarten teacher and food lover Dane McGregor. He’s a dab hand in the kitchen and has a knack for creating delicious treats with a twist – there’s everything from Ambrosia Cheesecake to Banana Bacon Cupcakes and many of Dane’s recipes have been passed down from his mum. 

After following Baker Gatherer on Facebook and Instagram for some time now I was keen to find out more about what makes this quirky cook tick. Here’s what Dane had to say. 




Above: Baker Gatherer’s Dane McGregor.


How is Baker Gatherer different to other foodie blogs? I like to think that a guy in the kitchen may be something a little fresh, perhaps in New Zealand at least. I like to experiment with my baking ideas too, and enjoy styling my own work. Since people generally eat with their eyes, I like to make a big focus on the food photography and am working at developing a recognisable style and brand.

Where does you passion for baking come from? I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen and from a young age I always enjoyed watching my mum cook or bake. I find baking relaxing and therapeutic, so it’s alway my ‘go to’ when I want a little quiet time.

Do you like cooking or just baking? I love being in the kitchen in general. Most weekends I could be in there baking all day, and then still be there when it comes to dinner time. Of course I then swap out my baking supplies to start experimenting with meal ideas.

Do you devise your own recipes or adapt your favourite recipes? I have lots a favourites and quite often Frankenstein the best bit from everywhere, trial it, make alterations and trial again. Eventually I put together something quite unique and am happy with. A lot of my recipes and ideas come from my mother’s cook book too. It’s pretty much a scrapbook from when I was young, full of recipe cuttings and hand written methods and notes. From all of this inspiration I generally like to get quite experimental and fuse several ideas together, some work and some fail miserably. But that’s the fun of it.


Above: Baker Gatherer’s Ambrosia Cheesecake


Your style of photography is really unique. How do you create your images? 
I only ever use my iPhone 6s to take all of my photos. Only occasionally will I take a photo into photoshop for a little bit of a tweak, so pretty much what you see is what you get. I make the most of natural lighting, plants, props and generally choose the same time of the day to take my photos to try and keep similar tones. I also like to keep an earthy colour palette with browns, whites and greens.

Who’s your favourite foodie? Is it bad that I don’t actually have any. Because I’ve been such a lone wolf on my foodie journey, I feel like I’ve been under a rock. But I’m enjoying only now, meeting some pretty inspirational and awesome people.

What’s your all time favourite food and why? Sweet or savoury, I like food in general. However I’m probably bias with my sweet tooth! I could perhaps pick a few favourite cuisines for eating out though, Thai, Japanese and Mexican.

What’s been your biggest success in the kitchen to date? Not burning it down, yet…

What’s been your biggest failure in the kitchen to date? Look I actually have failures quite often, this comes with the territory. But I learn from them. Sometimes I share these failures on Snapchat, some are too bad to share but I probably need to be braver to share those one!

What would you most like to master in the kitchen but haven’t yet attempted? It’s no secret I idolise anyone who has made or makes macarons because I’ve never tried making them and have always wanted to. I’ve somehow put them up on a pedestal now and almost refuse to make them out of principle, is this irrational?

I see from your Instagram feed you’re a bit of a fan of tattoos – how many do you have and how did you start? I really appreciate the art form and I’m especially drawn to traditional style tattoos, their history and bold imagery. I started a while back now, but I have a plan haha! I currently have seven individual pieces and am looking forward to getting more sometime soon.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? I was married young, sadly it didn’t work out for obvious reasons, but I do have a beautiful daughter from that relationship. I’ve now been with my current partner for almost four years now and he may just be the one.

Finish this sentence: If I wasn’t in the kitchen baking I’d be? Eating, I love eating.



Above: Click HERE to visit Baker Gatherer.