In The Makeup Room At Cats The Musical

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If you’ve ever wondered what happens in the makeup room at a Broadway musical and how the pros get into character then you’ll love this. I was lucky enough to get a backstage pass to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary musical Cats last night in Auckland to see how two of the cast get ready to take to the stage.

Emily Keane who plays the slinky hairless cat Cassandra in the production and Taylor Scanlan aka the naughty kitten Bill Bailey showed us what it takes to transform into cats each night. And yes in case you were wondering each performer actually does their own makeup. The idea is that this process gives the artist time to not only physically transform into their character but also mentally. The whole process takes around 30 minutes and is breath-taking to watch.

Take a look at this short video below and you’ll see what I mean.



Above: Taylor magically transforms into a cat before our eyes.


casandra and bill bailey 2

Above: Taylor and Emily ready to take to the stage.


After my behind-the-scenes sneak peek I was lucky enough to see the show and watch Taylor and Emily in action. Not only was it a spectacular show but I couldn’t take my eyes off these two – they’re both super talented and played their parts to purrrfection!

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