M·A·C Makes Major Donation To NZ Women Living With HIV or AIDS

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Lipstick has the power to change lives and M·A·C has today proven that by donating a whopping $148,301 to support women in New Zealand living with HIV and AIDS. This donation comes directly from the New Zealand sales of M·A·C’s #VIVAGLAM lip products and co-incides with the latest #VIVAGLAM release featuring Ariana Grande. 

M·A·C VIVA GLAM Ariana Grande features a gorgeous deep dark plum matte lipstick, $40 and a light shimmer pink gloss, $38.

To date M·A·C has raised an impressive $2 million in New Zealand alone for its #VIVAGLAM campaigns and these funds represent the sale of over 50,000 #VIVAGLAM lip products since its inception in New Zealand in 1999.  One hundred percent of the selling price of #VIVAGLAM lip products is directed to the fund.

“Just like the first million raised in New Zealand, our $2 million milestone is due to the enormous commitment from our VIVA GLAM spokespeople, M·A·C Makeup Artists, and dedicated customers,” says M·A·C Brand General Manager, Tanya Jackson.  “The M·A·C team are driven to set and reach our next fundraising goal and continue our grant-making to support New Zealanders affected by HIV and AIDS.”

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  • The M·A·C AIDS Fund was created in 1994 to raise money and awareness for HIV and AIDS when the pandemic was dramatically affecting the world.
  • Since 1994, every single penny of the selling price of a #VIVAGLAM lip product goes directly to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to help people around the world affected by HIV and AIDS.
  • The M·A·C AIDS Fund is the largest corporate non-pharmaceutical donor in the fight against HIV and AIDS.
  • The M·A·C AIDS Fund has raised $400 Million globally through the sale of #VIVAGLAM lip products.
  • Ariana Grande is the 24th#VIVAGLAM spokesperson.
  • APAC continues to have the most people living with HIV and AIDS outside of Africa. 
  • Each year 19,000 M·A·C Artists take off their brush belts, roll up their sleeves and volunteer at HIV organizations around the world.
  • One #VIVAGLAM lip product can:
  • Purchase 254 condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV
  • Provide 32 Safer Sex Kits, which include condoms, lubricant and instructions
  • Provide a clean, safe place to sleep for two nights for one resident at a housing organization             
  • Buy 10 individually tailored, nutritious meals for a person affected by HIV or AIDS
  • Purchase one rapid oral HIV test
  • Provide a new job interview shirt and tie for one resident at an HIV housing organization
  • Buy a pair of school shoes for a child orphaned by AIDS
  • Test 14 pregnant mothers for HIV