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With an uber impressive client list including Chanel, Tiffany & Co, Fendi, Rolex, Marc Jacobs it’s little wonder I almost fainted when Megan Hess offered to illustrate my very own elegant Style Insider logo for this blog.

I first came across, Melbourne based, Megan 12 years ago when I was editing Fashion Quarterly magazine. I’d been trawling the Internet for ages looking for gorgeous fashion illustrations to include in the magazine when I stumbled upon Megan’s beautiful work.

I clearly wasn’t the only one who loved Megan’s style. In 2006 she illustrated the cover of Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City book marking the beginning of what has become a truly stellar career. Megan is one of my favourite fashionistas too. Here she share’s her very own style secrets with us.

Megan is wearing a Chloe dress, her scarf is Hermes and her sunglasses “were $5 from the petrol station”.
Photograph shot in St Germain, Paris.

How would you describe your fashion style?
I love delicate vintage dresses and luxe accessories. My favourite outfit would be a vintage lace dress with a beautiful Chanel bag.  I also love prints and I really love to clash them and have fun. I love clothes that are joyful and unique.

What one item from your wardrobe do you put on and immediately feel great in?
I have an Alexander Mc Queen dress in a dark chocolate that always makes me feel good. It’s just a perfect fit and it’s one of those dresses that’s great for both meetings or drinks. I also have a powder pink vintage gown that I found many years ago. I never seem to have an occasion to wear it but even just looking at it makes me happy!

Who are your favourite fashion designers/labels?
I love Chanel and Dior for luxury pieces. Lanvin and Chloe are also favourites. Closer to home, I love Collette Dinnigan for beautiful dresses. I also think Zimmerman have wonderful beach pieces and I love Gorman for that distinctive ‘Melbourne look’. 

What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever had?
Don’t wear anything too tight! A designer once told me that by wearing one size up you’ll instantly look more chic. I think this is very true.


Megan’s lace dress, Betty Johnson.

Describe the best outfit you have ever worn?
I found this crazy ’70s Pucci caftan in a great vintage store. It had been sitting in my wardrobe for ages without ever being worn. Then we went on our annual family holiday to Port Douglas and one night I threw it on for a beautiful relaxed dinner by the beach. I piled on lots of vintage gold jewellery and just had so much fun that night. It was the perfect outfit for that beautiful balmy summer night.

What is your most cherished fashion item?
A beautiful Hermes scarf that my husband and (6-year-old) daughter bought me for my birthday one year. The scarf is the most beautiful print but what I loved most was that they spent an entire afternoon in the store choosing it for me. I wish I’d been a fly on the wall that day.

Whose fashion style do you most admire and why?
I’ve always loved the way Carnie Roitfeld wears an outfit. It’s not even so much what she’s wearing, it’s more the way she wears it. Such confidence.


Megan says: “My mother actually made this dress (above) for herself in the ’60s.  I would always look at it when I was a child and think it’s crazy. Then I grew up and realised that it’s brilliant.”
Gold bracelets are all vintage. One was from Chapel Street Bazaar in Melbourne and the others are from Paris.


Do you have a can’t-live-without beauty product?
Lucas paw paw ointment. Not a glamourous product but It’s so great for lips and it’s the perfect thing for dry skin.  I also find it really useful when travelling.

Out of all of your work do you have a favourite fashion illustration?
Probably the Tiffany & Co illustration. It was just such an honour to be asked to illustrate for such an iconic brand. I’d always loved the 5th Avenue store in New York and when they asked me to illustrate it, I was just completely blown away. When I look at that illustration , even now it reminds me of the little burst of joy I felt the day they called.

 Some of Megan’s illustrations





The following is a selection of Megan’s recent work. The collection of eight original illustrations, Diamonds and Tulle, A$275 each, are available online at



Images supplied by Megan Hess