Lipstick rules

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Karen Murrell – Creative Director, Karen Murrell Lipsticks


How did you get into lipstick?
I had formulated skincare products but had a fascination with lipstick.  I formulated our first four colours, just as a gift really to my girlfriends!  It was only after everyone sang their praises did I consider going into manufacturing.

What is your earliest lipstick memory?
My mother never left the house without makeup.  I remember the Nutrimetics lady coming to our house and showing her the new season colours.

Do you have a favourite lipstick from your collection that you keep going back to?
Yes, Carnation Mist.  It takes you from the office all the way through to a cocktail party.  It gives you just that little lift of colour that nudes can’t do

What is important to you in a lipstick?
I work on:

1) touch, it must glide on;
2) smell, it must smell great;
3) wear, must wear well and not rub off easily;
4) hue, I like strong natural hues that do not change from person to person.

Do lipsticks change colours on different people (they do seem to all look different on different people) – is there a reason for this?
Yes they do.  I have tried to minimise that by using only natural pigment and hydrating oils, which hold colour more than synthetic based lipsticks.

Why do you think we all love lipstick so much?
Lipstick is an instant facelift.  It has the feel good factor, just like flowers!

Is there one colour from your collection that would suit everyone?
Yes, 05 Violet Mousse, this colour has just the right blend of pink and brown, suitable for all skin types.

Is it true your lipstick canisters biodegrade in the ground after 100 days?
Yes, my specification to myself for this product was to be totally kind to Mother Earth. All my canisters are made out of PLA, which is a type of corn resin that biodegrades.

Aside from lipstick what is your can’t live without beauty product?

Favourite fashion labels and why?
Storm. I love that Storm clothing is so current.  I also like TK store for more evening and special event clothing

Favourite online shopping sites?

Best moment of your day?
4-6 pm.  I tend to sit at my desk and plough through work at this time. My brain seems to fire at this time.

Favourite flower?
Slipper Orchid: Exotically Beautiful.

Tea or coffee

Guilty pleasure?
Sausage rolls!

Listening to?
The sea.

On your shopping list now
New season summer wedges.  I had one pair arrive this week however one never seems to have enough shoes!


Karen Murrell near her home on Auckland’s Takapuna beach