Let’s hear it for the boys

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Dan Carter may have the fashion savvy but former international cricketer Dion Nash is making inroads into men’s grooming. He recently launched his own men’s grooming range, Triumph & Disaster.

Dion explains how he made the somewhat unconventional move from cricket to “beauty”.

What was your first foray into skincare?
It came from reading a Rod Stewart interview. He said he used Oil of Olay, so I went and bought that and hid it in my cricket bag. It was amazing the difference it made!

What’s the philosophy behind your product range?
I wanted to create a brand that as a guy you can be proud of using and not be embarrassed of – that was the challenge. I didn’t want it to be “metrosexual”. That to me was a term that didn’t mean anything. Also, I think if you have to put the words “For Men” on a product, that’s a fail. I’m trying to make the grooming routine more special. There’s a big difference between just using what’s there and using good products. Grooming is a time out – I want a cool little moment where I can gather my thoughts and feel good before I go back into the world.

The name was inspired by a Rudyard Kipling poem called If that your Dad gave you on a plaque. Were other names tossed around?
Yes, Gentleman Jim. I even trademarked it. Then one day looked up from my desk and this plaque Dad had given me was there and I looked at the words “Triumph and Disaster”. The words have everything I’m trying to create; it’s a father/son poem so that gives it a sense of ritual, like grooming. It’s manly and by itself it’s a little bit edgy, but also makes you curious about the name, so it works on all those levels.

As the poem says, there are three parts to being a man: ritual, character and fate. I can build a brand round those three pillars, and ritual is the one we can have some control over. All the products service the ritual – and once you get out the front door the rest is up to fate and how you deal with it.

For stockists go to www.triumphanddisaster.com.




Story: Melissa Williams-King at beautydirectory.co.nz